President of Hinata

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President of Hinata
Lanna Harada

since Summer 26, Year II
StyleMr. President
His Excellency
ResidenceHis own house
Appointer1st Hinata presidential election
Term lengthFour Years
Inaugural holderTarô Nakajima
FormationYear I (2018)

The President of Hinata (in Japanese and officially: ひなた島だいとうりょう) is the head of state of Hinata. The manner of address to the president is His Excellency, Mister President (informal) or in Japanese Daitôryô-san or sama.


The office was created by the need of a high authority in the island after the great immigration wave. Since the 1st Hinata presidential election and in accordance with the constitution, the President of Hinata is only the Head of State and is elected by an specific election and not by the Hinata National Assembly. The Head of Government is now the Secretary of State of Hinata.

Presidential powers

The presidential powers are specified by the first chapter of the Hinata constitution. Hinata is a very presidentialist state and the President have a lot of power in comparasion with other countries. The Presidential powers are this:

  • The President is inviolable, but only at the moment in office.
  • The President gives sanction to laws, and orders them to be promulgated and executed.
  • The President convokes the National Assembly, opens, closes, prorogues, and dissolves it.
  • The President determines the organization of the different branches of the administration, and salaries of all civil and military officers, and appoints and dismisses the same.
  • The President has the supreme command of the Army and Navy.
  • The President determines the organization and peace standing of the Army and Navy.
  • The President declares war, makes peace, and concludes treaties.
  • The President declares a state of siege.
  • The President confers rank, orders and other marks of honor.

Political Parties

  Nichiren Democratic Party (NDP)

  Hinata Socialist Party (HSP)

List of Presidents

# Picture Name Took office Left office Party
1 Tarô Nakajima
Summer, Year I Summer 26, Year II Independent,
Nichiren Democratic Party
2 Lanna Harada
Summer 26, Year II In office Independent
(With the support of Hinata Socialist Party and Liberal Reformist Club)