Hinata National Assembly

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Hinata National Assembly

2nd legislature (III-VII)
Coat of arms or logo
Assembly speaker
Seats3 (single district)
Political groups
  Liberal Democratic Party (2)
  Hinata Socialist Party (1)

The Hinata National Assembly (Japanese: 日南田国会) is the legislative chamber of Hinata island. The president of the assembly is also the president of Hinata, actually and from the 1 of winter of year I is Mr. Tarô Nakajima. The president of the assembly and of Hinata are tried by the deputies by simple majority. The ordinary duration of a legislature is 4 years.

Role and powers


The assembly was founded in the first year after the island poblation for the need of a legislative power. The first president was Mr. Tarô Nakajima, member of the Nichiren Democratic Party. Since the approval of the constitution, the President of Hinata can't be at the same time the President of the National Assembly.


Speaker Took office Left office Party
Tarô Nakajima Summer I Winter, 1 I NDP
Goran Ishijima Winter, 1 I Summer III NDP
Pierre Nikaidô Summer III - LDP

Meeting place

Historical results

Candidature I III VII
Liberal Democratic Party LDP - 2 NA
Nichiren Democratic Party NDP 2 - NA
Hinata Socialist Party HSP 1 1 NA
Total 3 3 3

Current legislature composition


Party Leader Position Seats
  Liberal Democratic Party LDP Masahiro Cheng Centre-right, nationalism
2 / 3
  Hinata Socialist Party HSP Natali Nakajima Left, socialism
1 / 3


MP Party
Masahiro Cheng LDP
Pierre Nikaidô LDP
Natali Nakajima HSP