Eric Nakajima

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Eric Nakajima

Official photo
Head of Government of Hinata
In office
Winter of Year I - Winter of Year I
President Tarô Nakajima
Predecessor Office created
Successor Goran Ishijima
Department of Finance
In office
26 summer of year II - Summer 1, III
President Lanna Harada
Predecessor Office created
Successor Tarô Nakajima
Mayor of Chûô
In office
29 Winter of year II - In office
Secretary of State Tarô Nakajima
Predecessor Office created
Personal information
Born 1991 (age 31–32)
Flag of Japan.svg Kumamoto, Japan
Political party NDP (I-IV)
Residence Chûô, Hinata
Religion Buddhist

Eric Nakajima (中島えりく, Nakajima Eric) (1991, Kumamoto, Japan) is a politician of Hinata. He was the first secretary of State of Hinata and is the current minister of Finance and the mayor of the Chûô.

Political carreer

Nakajima was appointed by his grandfather and current President Tarô Nakajima for became the Secretary of State of Hinata. In sumer of year II, his grandfather became Secretary of State or Prime Minister and appoints Eric Nakajima as minister of Department of Finance. Later, the opposition acused President Nakajima of nepotism and Eric Nakajima renounced. At the end of year II, he wins the Chûô local elections and became the mayor of the district.

Personal life

He is the son of Ferena Nakajima, former minister of education in the first Nakajima cabinet and the grandson of the President and Secretary of State Tarô Nakajima. Also is the brother of N. Nakajima, Hinata Socialist Party politician. In year II, Nakajima as mayor of Chûô founded the Hinata Island Music Festival.