Nichiren Democratic Party

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Nichiren Democratic Party
PresidentTarô Nakajima
General SecretaryGoran Ishijima
Founded2019 (Year I)
DissolvedYear IV
Membership (2019)3
Cultural conservatism
Political positionCentre-right
ReligionNichiren Shōshū
International affiliationConservative Union
Seats in the Hinata National Assembly
2 / 3
District mayors
2 / 3

The Nichiren Democratic Party (NDP) (Japanese: Nichiren Minshu Tou, 日蓮民主党, にちれんみんしゅとう) was a Hinata political party founded in 2019 (Year I). It's ideology was moderate conservatist and moderate nationalist. Also, the party religion was the Nichiren Shōshū, a branch of the Nichiren Buddhism and the party use this religion as a basic party philosophy. The former President of Hinata, Tarô Nakajima was its chairman and leader.


The party was founded by the President of Hinata in that years, Tarô Nakajima, that was an independent politician, shortly after arriving as settlers to Hinata Island. Is the second party of the country after the Hinata Socialist Party. The party candidate for president in the 1st Hinata presidential election, Tarô Nakajima, loses and after became Secretary of State of Hinata making a NDP government of Hinata. In summer of year IV, shortly before the 2nd Hinata general election, the party was dissolved to form the Liberal Democratic Party with conservative members of the Liberal Reformist Club.

Electoral results


Election Seats in the Hinata National Assembly +/- Candidate
1st (Y-I)
2 / 3
New Tarô Nakajima
Election District mayors +/-
1st (Y-III)
2 / 3

Ideology and policies

The party was mainly conservative with an important influence of the agrarianism for the territory. Also, the ideology of the party was like the christian democracy parties but with the Nichiren Budism, an "nichiren/buddhist democracy". The party was against non japanese ethnic immigration and also advocates for the Nichiren Shoshu became state religion.


Position Name Took Left
President Tarô Nakajima 2 Autumm, Year I In office
Secretary-General Goran Ishijima 2 autumm, Year I In office
Assembly Speaker TBD TBD TBD