1st Hinata assembly election

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1st Hinata assembly election
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Hinata National Assembly
Year I
Political Party NDP HSP
Candidate Tarô Nakajima Ryûji Midoriya
Popular Vote 9 3
Percentage 75% 25%
Seats won
2 / 3
1 / 3
Seats change New New

The 1st Hinata assembly election was held the 25th of autumm of the first year (Hinata calendar) in Hinata. The winning party was the Nichiren Democratic Party.


In the summer of that same year, after pressure from the opposition and also as a strategy to reaffirm presidential and party power, President Tarô Nakajima announced that general elections would be called on the 25th of autumn. President Nakajima, knowing he was the winner of the elections, quickly convened the elections. The Socialists who had been asking insistently for the call for elections did not wait for that speed. Even so, the socialist candidate was Ryuji Midoriya.


Nichiren Democratic Party (NDP)

  • Electoral slogan: ひなたのために!(For Hinata!)

The Nichirenists focused their electoral campaign on the defense of "moderate values". The campaign was riddled with discredits towards socialists and exaltation of nationalism and religion. The party also introduced the principles of economic liberalism into its electoral program. One of the most prominent and discussed points of the Nichirenist electoral program was that of exhaustive regulation when granting nationality or the right to vote to foreigners, although, as the first elections were held and there was no regulation, all The inhabitants of the island were able to vote.

Hinata Socialist Party (HSP)

  • Electoral slogan: もっと民主を。社会党。(More democracy. Socialist Party)

The Socialists focused their electoral campaign on the promotion of a greater democratic culture in the country and on a generational change in politics with respect to the Nichirenists. Prior to the call for elections, the Socialists organized demonstrations throughout the island calling for the creation of a parliament and the holding of democratic elections. The socialist training also emphasized the protection of the environment, the development of basic infrastructures on the island and the promotion of agriculture.


Party Leader Votes % Seats +/–
Nichiren Democratic Party Tarô Nakajima 9 75
2 / 3
Hinata Socialist Party Ryuji Midoriya 3 25
1 / 3
Popular vote


After the victory in the elections of the Nichiren Democratic Party, its leader, Tarô Nakajima, was elected President. At the beginning of winter and shortly after the approval of the constitution, Nakajima appointed his grandson as Secretary of State of Hinata, which was very criticized by the Socialist Party who accused President Nakajima of nepotism.