Pierre Nikaidô

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Pierre Nikaidô

Official photo
Mayor of Takamachi
In office
29 Winter of year II - In office
Secretary of State Tarô Nakajima
Masahiro Cheng
Predecessor Goran Ishijima
Minister of Education
In office
29 Spring of year III - In office
President Lanna Harada
Predecessor Ferena Nakajima
Minister of Mines and Industry
In office
?? summer of year III - In office
President Lanna Harada
Predecessor VACANT
Personal information
Born 1990
Hakodate, Japan
Political party LRC (I-III)
Residence Takamachi, Hinata
Religion Church of the Harvest Goddess

Pierre Nikaidô (二階堂ピエル, Nikaidô Pieru), (1990, Hakodate, Japan) is a politician and cooking chef of Hinata. He is the current mayor of Takamachi.

Political carreer

In year I he founded with Julia Amano the political party Liberal Reformist Club. At the 1st Hinata local election he won in Takamachi and became the mayor. Later, in the year III he and the LRC conservative faction founded with the NDP the Liberal Democratic Party a political project that pretends unite all the Hinata centre-right. At the 2nd Hinata general election Nikaidô wons a seat in the Hinata National Assembly and becames minister and speaker of the assembly. He gets two ministrys, education and Mines-Industry.

Personal life

He's a famous cooking chef of eight generations. Nikaidô was born in a rich and prestigious family in Japan. Before arrieved to Hinata, Nikaidô make TV programms about cooking in Japan.