Church of the Harvest Goddess

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Church of the Harvest Goddess
Harvest Goddess Flag.png

Type Monotheistic
Founded N/A
Headquarters Bluebell but the sacred place is the forest pound, in Hinata
Territory World
Language Japanese
Adherents 16

The Church of the Harvest Goddess (in Japanese:女神さま教会, Megami-sama Kyoukai translated as "Church of the Goddess") is a monotheistic religion based in the cult of the Harvest Goddess. Its adherents believe that the Goddess are the protector of the nature, the crows and the people. Its adherents calls the Harvest Goddess only as Megami-sama (Lady Goddess). This religion has reminiscences of the shintoism, Chinese animism and of the Christianity in the rites and temples.



Its origin is unknown in time and place, but it is suspected that the cult was initiated on the island of Hinata by its former settlers, who emigrated and extended it to other areas such as Bluebell. The shape, appearance and symbolic attributes may remind a mixture of the Roman goddess Ceres and the virgin Mary of Christianity.

Religious holidays

All of the holidays dates follows the Harvest calendar

Name Date Notes
Goddess Festival Spring 8 Celebration of the Harvest Goddess
Harvest Festival Fall 8 Day to celebrate the end of the Harvest
Day of the Witch Winter 29 Day of the Harvest Goddess nemesis and sister, the forest Witch

List of churches

Kind of Church Place
Bluebell Cathedral Bluebell, Bluebell and Konohana
Forest Sanctuary Aoyama, Hinata

Adherents by micronations

Micronation Adherents
Bandera Bluebell i Konohana.png Bluebell and Konohana 10
Hinata flag.png Hinata 6

Religion in Hinata (2019 census)

  Nichiren Shōshū (43.48%)
  Harvest Church (26.09%)
  None (21.74%)
  Others (8.70%)

Religion in Bluebell and Konohana (2019 census)

  Harvest Church (37.50%)
  Shintoism (21.88%)
  Buddhism (15.63%)
  None (12.50%)
  Others (12.50%)