Church of Abelden

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Church of Abelden

Founder David Ross, Stephen I & II, Emperor of Abelden, Ava Neasa
Founded June 2017
Patriarch Jessika I, Patriarch of the Church of Abelden, Et cetra
Headquarters St Peter's Cathedral, Fosterlingen
Territory Fosterlingen
Language English
Members 4
Archbishops 4

The Church of Abelden (German: Kirche von Abelden) is the officially established Nondenominational Christian church in the Abeldane Empire. The leader of the church has the title of Patriarch. Its jurisdiction covers the territory of Empire of Abelden, the Abelden Commonwealth, and any related territories/shared but it is not recognized by the Nondenominational Christian churches.

The small number of the people in Abelden belong to it, it being the only micronationalist-focused religious denomination in Abelden. The church is also in communion with the Mercian Christian Church. And uses the official name, "Church of Abelden", for most uses.

The Church of Abelden is recognized by the Abeldane state, among with many other institutions. Its recognition is given by royal assent and decree from Emperor Stephen I & II. This however, does not mean that Abelden's state religion is the Church of Abelden or any other religion. All religions are granted in the Empire of Abelden.


Relations with the state


The leader of the Church of Abelden has the title of Patriarch, who is currently David Ross. After which there is the Archbishop(s), who is in charge of the church in a territory of Abelden or an area of an Abelden-related territory in another micronation who is appointed by the Patriarch. If the Patriarch was to resign, death, or be rendered incapable of his/her duty, the new Patriarch would be elected by the "Council of Archbishops". A leader of a certain number of churches in a territory is called a "Reverend", and a leader of a local church is called a, "Priest/ess."

Currently, there is one Patriarch, four Archbishops, four Reverends, and four Priest/ess.

Leaders of the church

Patriarch of all Abelden

Patriarch Jessika I, of all Abelden

Style: Her Holiness
Residence: Fosterlingen
Formation: 2017

The statute of the Church provides that the leader of the church is the Patriarch who mainly has dominate powers of governing and running the Church, however the checks and balances require, the "Council of the Archbishops", who may appoint the Patriarch for, as of today, a life-long term, in case of death, resignation, or rendered incapable of fullfilling their duties, may vote and appoint a new Patriarch behind "closed doors", the Council also has the power of sending out edicts and holy decrees with the consent of the Patriarch. The Council is also made up of all the Archbishops along with the Reverends who are observers who may voice their opinion.

The current membership of the Holy Synod consists of:

  • Her Holiness Patriarch Jessika I, Patriarch of All Abelden, Archbishop of Fosterlingen and Reverend of Templum
  • His Imperial Majesty/His Excellency Stephen I & II, Archbishop of Alenshka and Reverend of the Abelden Commonwealth
  • Her Excellency Ava Neasa, Archbishop of St. Castle, Reverend of New Keutschen.

Former leaders

Portrait Name Took office Left office Notes
1 HH David I June 2017 Present The first Patriarch of Abelden, founded the church along with His Majesty/His Excellency, Stephen I & II, Archbishop of Alenshka and

Her Excellency Ava Neasa, Archbishop of St. Castle. And founded the relationship between the Church and the Mercian Christian Curch.

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