Coven of the Cross and Sickle

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Det Coven av Kors och Skäran
Coven of the Cross and Sickle

Founder Claire Nymoria and Charlotte Lindstrom
Founded 2016 - 2017
Facilitator Charlotte Lindstrom
Headquarters Tyrshavn
Territory Uskor
Language Swedish, English and Uskorian

Det Coven av Kors och Skäran (English:Coven of the Cross and Sickle) was a religious organisation and Coven of witches in Uskor.
The Coven of the Cross and Sickle (the Coven) was formed out of the former Uskorian Church that was dissolved the Red April Revolution and interest from some members of the Uskorian League of Communists in witchcraft.


The Coven's beliefs where a syncretic blend of Christianity and Witchcraft including some elements of Wicca.
The Coven however only believed in one god i.e. the Christian God, whom some members regarded as a trans woman.
The Coven explicitly rejected the use of dark magic as heretical and tantamount to communing with the Devil.
The Coven however believed that powers for the use of good have been handed down to certain people as a gift to use for the betterment of humanity from God, from thus stems one of the core tenets of the Coven's rules: Do no harm.


The Coven was organised as non hierarchical with every full member having the same rights and responsibilities, however the Coven did have a facilitator whom was elected from the full members of the Coven and who's duty it was to represent the Coven and facilitate meetings and other coven business.
The Coven's primary altar space was located within Tyrshavn however the coven practiced their craft in members homes or in public places subject to the law including the Witchcraft Act.

List of Facilitators

Title Name City and Region Dates in office
1st Facilitator Claire Nymoria Tyrshavn, Denton 20 November 2016 - 25 November 2016
2nd Facilitator Charlotte Lindstrom Tyrshavn, Denton 25 November 2016 - February 2017

Opposition from within Uskor

Some members of the League of Communists have raised concerns that by allowing a coven or any other religious organisation to exist within Uskor is an abandonment of elements of communist theory and may lead to counter revolution.