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Leprosist Religion
Leprosist COA

Founder King Layton I of Etopia
Founded 2022
Dissoluted 2023
High Priest Layton I
Main Church Sunderlund
Influence Leprosism holds influence in Sunderlund
Language English

The Leprosist Religion is a Religion in Sunderlund, Leprosism is formed around the god Leporo who had spoken to Layton S Lee I about the ideas of Leprosism and taught him the ways of the Leprosists he also spoke out against the long dormant Caizonic Cult. Since 2022, the Leprosist Religion is the religion that King Layton S Lee I follows, the supreme authority of the Church, is the Etopian Monarch. Leprosism was created as a new type of religion and shares little if any of the same beliefs with other religions. In 2022 Leprosism was made an official religion in Etopia and has the right to preach the existence of Leporo, the scriptures of Leprosism, and Leproist beliefs in the church of Etopia. The main scripture of Leprosism is the Leprana it is a compilation of short stories, anecdotes and information spoken to the High Priest Layton S Lee I from Leporo.


The Search

During this time Layton had felt almost meaningless and was searching for an answer a reason for doing anything and he met Leporo in his dreams, Leporo told him to write what he had been told in his dream the next morning as Layton wrote what he remembered he had created the first story of Leprosism. After this Layton tried to contact him while awake and he managed to do so, he kept writing what Leporo had said and eventually he had wrote the Leprana, after this Layton turned to worship Leporo rather than other traditional gods. Leprosism at this point was not a publicly worshipped religion and was only known by Layton himself.

The Religious Era

The Religious Era was the time period in which King Layton I had changed from Christianity to Leprosism and made it public in Etopia. The establishment of the Religion as a public practice represented the introduction of a hierarchal system to the Leprosist organization and the once private religion became an organized faith. The First High Priest of the Leprosist was Layton I under the religious name of St. Lee. Layton was the author of many of the modern texts of on the Leporo and its stories and he was the main person behind the organization of the Religion. The Religious aspect of Etopia had also been ignored by most as it wasn't as important as politics or military making Leprosism one of the first practice religions apart of Etopia. Layton also had created a church during this era, ran primarily in discord the church was a source for almost all things Leprosist.


Leprosism is centered around the figure of the Leporos, an immortal "god" that created the universe and every living being in it. Leprosists worship Leporos, Leprosists believe Leporos is the creator of all and worship him as such. Leprosists believe that all living beings are connected by Leporos, due to them all being created by him. Followers of Leperosism are encouraged to see themselves as sons and daughters of Leporos, and to be connected with him through worship.


The Leprana is the main scripture of Leperosism, written by the first High Priest of Leperosism. The introduction of the Leprana goes as follows:

Leporo is the one true god creator to all and father to all universes. Leporos created all living beings that roam our world and all that exists. Leporo has spoken to you through your thoughts and dreams he guides you to live a pure life, those who are impure or cursed by Caizan may hear words of insanity in their heads and as long as you turn to the light and look for Leporo you may return to a life of holiness and purity. Leporo wants all to lead an honest, hardworking, pure life, you may not find peace by just blindly worshipping or asking for forgiveness after every mistake but instead to enter Azien you must be a pure person no matter who you believe if you protect your loved ones, your faith, and yourself Leporo brings peace to those that die in such a manner and grant the wishes of those most faithful or pure, however those who lead an unfaithful, evil, dishonorable life will be held in the prison of Caizan and tortured for eternity.

— High Priest Layton I

High Priest

The High Priest or Priestess of Leprosism is the highest entity of the Church. He or she carries the responsibility of answering for the Church's actions and leads, commands and protects the laws of the Leprotists. The High Priest or Priestess is considered the Protector of the Leprana. In the Church hierarchy, the High Priest is followed by the Cardinals, a group of wise Leprosists that report the High Priest.

the role of High Priest is chosen through the Leprosist Succession chart, currently it is Layton I.