King of Etopia

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King of Etopia
Layton S Lee I

since 7 June 2020
StyleHis Majesty, Layton the Grand Noble King of Etopia
ResidenceCastillo Dorado (Golden Castle) in Goteherland, Etopia
AppointerHouse of Lee
Term lengthLifetime or until resignation
FormationJune 7 2020
SuccessionMonarchial line of succession
SalaryAll money earned from Etopia

Political Authorities

The King of Etopia is the ruling power and Leader of Etopia. the King has the power to sign laws, veto laws, and to dissolve the Grand and Minor councils as well as create new councils. The kings power is unlimited and the title lets him control all of Etopia from the smallest law to the type of Government. The king controls all military operations including but not limited to wars, funding, training, missions, and the branches.

Monarchial Line of succession

The line of succession for the King in Etopia is hereditary it is as follows

1. Oldest living Son of the King

2. Brother of the King

3. Father of the King (if Alive)

4. Oldest living Daughter of the King

5. Sister of The King

6. Uncle of the King

7. Aunt of the King

8. Wife/Husband of the King

9. All other relatives that are directly related to the king

Age requirements

To be ascended to the throne you must be at least 13 and be in favor of the current king as well as qualify in one of the above categories.