Layton S Lee I

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Emperor Layton Scott Lee I of Desertia, I King of Etopia
Emperor of Desertia
ReignAugust 2023 – present
EnthronementAugust 2023
PredecessorThrone established
Born15 December 2008 (2008-12-15) (age 15)
Chandler, AZ, US
Layton Scott Lee
MotherKaitlyn L Soelle

His Royal Majesty of Desertia and Etopia Layton I (born Layton Scott Lee, on 15 Dec 2008) is the reigning Emperor of the Empire of Desertia and the reigning king of the Kingdom of Etopia, he has been on the throne since Nov 1 2022, following Etopia's founding as a monarchy. Some time after Etopia was adopted as a state of Desertia, the constituting documents were drafted, however they still await review and signing. on top of this the Legislative councils, and Judicial Courts have been established, the Executive branch is still undergoing reworking. The Legislative Councils are, The Council of Kings, which consists of the head of the 5 states and the Emperor, and The Council of Nobles, which consists of all Counts, Viscounts, Prince(ess)s, Dukes, Marquess', and Barons.

Personal life

His Majesty Layton was born on 15 December 2008 in Chandler, Az, United States. He is currently married/engaged to no-one though he has had a few past relationships. He plans to have at least 4 children, of them he will name one Layton Lee II.

Micronational career


The Kingdom of Etopia was established originally as the Kingdom of E, an unofficial state which governed over the school grounds of Canyon Ridge Elementary School, Layton was crowned King during this time. Not much is known about the Kingdom of E, however during the next period, which started some time around late 2020, the Republic of Etopia, a short lived state, was formed. The Republic brought about the name Etopia which in later times was used frequently. The Republic fell after about 3 months but with it came the Diarchy, formed around early 2021, it was a strong influencer of future states, the Diarchy saw many reforms that were used during the Monarchy era, these included, forming the Grand and Minor Councils, introducing a semi-democratic election, and it also brought with it Layton as its primary ruler. Eventually the Diarchy collapsed after disputes with the council, through popular vote Layton was crowned the sole King of Etopia, this started the Monarchist Era. The Kingdom of Etopia lasted from around Nov 1 2022 - Aug 8 2023, during this time Etopia expanded from a small 0.25 acre backyard to a formidable acre in the north. Etopia also officialize many treaties and alliances acting as a Diplomatic bridge between many different states. Etopia went through a dead era for about half a year before being integrated into the Empire of Desrtia, this brings us to the present, with Etopia as a state of Desertia.


The Empire of Desertia was formed around Aug 8 2023, it controls 5 states these are, The Desertian Draft:Kingdom of Etopia, the Desertian State of Sunder, The Desertian State of New Sunder, The Desertian Kingdom of Estravia, and The Desertian Kingdom of Sutlan.

Monarchical styles of
Emperor Layton I of Desrtia, I King of Etopia
Reference styleHis Greatest Majesty Emperor of Desertia
Spoken styleYour Greatest Majesty Emperor of Desrtia
Alternative styleEmperor


His Greatest Majesty Emperor of Desertia, Layton, Noble, King of Etopia,


Arms of the House of Lee