House of Lee

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House of Lee
CountryKingdom of Etopia and the other Etopian Realms
Parent houseLees of Shropshire
TitlesKing of Etopia
Prince of Etopia
Princess of Etopia
Current headLayton S Lee I (King)
Monarchy of Etopia
Flag of Etopia
Layton S Lee I

since June of 2020
StyleHis/Her Majesty
TypeAbsolute Monarch
ResidenceGoteherland, Etopia
Term lengthNo Set Length
Constituting instrumentConstitution of Etopia
Formation7 June 2020; 4 years ago (2020-06-07)

The House of Lee is the ruling house of the Kingdom of Etopia and is one of the Etopian Royal Houses It has ruled over Etopia for a few years. Layton I, the Head of the House, is King of the Kingdom of Etopia.


On 7 June 2020, it was decided that the House of Lee would become the ruling house of a still forming Etopia which was formed a year later. Layton I, head of the House, established the Kingdom of Etopia in November of 2021, which he rules over. Over the course of a year and a half he would go on to create the New MNTO and establish alliances with many nations as well as develop trade. After establishing major influence in the Republic of Bosmil, he would also be able to convince the former president of Bosmil (who's country fell) to join Etopia, which he planned on expanding. The research into The Ancestry of the Lees proves that the House of Lee is related to many royal and great figures in history.


First Generation

1 Month Long Start 10/1/2021 The first generation of the House of Lee had only Layton he was the first and only member in the first year that the House of Lee existed. Layton was named King of Etopia and this made him the first member of the royal family.

Second Generation

1 Year Long 11/1/2021 The second generation began after Layton took his throne in the Castillo Dorado (Golden Castle) and his reign began. Many refer to the Second Generation as the 'Grand Generation' as Layton advanced the Kingdom a lot and mainly grew the government and economy. Layton had begun to develop the Major Council as well during this period. Members during the Second Generation were Layton S Lee I, Brandon K Lee, Stephen Lee, Garret Lee, Aiden Lee, Rowan Lee, Brylin Lee, and Kolston Lee.

Third Generation

1 Year long 11/1/2022 The third generation took place after the formation of the Major Council and focused strongly on economy and growth. King Layton S Lee I was the king during this generation and the ruling House was still House of Lee. Achievements include formation of the Major council, and Formation of the E.S.F an elite group of soldiers trained for spy operations, military battles and border operations (In and out of Etopian lines).


Current Major Titles

  • King of Etopia
    • Prince of Etopia
    • Princess of Etopia
    • Royal Duke

Current Minor Titles

  • Noble
  • baron/baroness


List of Royals and Members of the House of Lee
Name Major Titles Minor Titles Term Lengths
Layton I King of Etopia Noble

King (2020-Present)

Noble (2020-Present)