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Kingdom of Etopia
Flag of Etopia
Coat of arms of Etopia
Coat of arms
Motto: "Ne Incautus Futuri"
"Be not Unmindful of the future"
Territories of Etopia
Territories of Etopia
Largest Towncapital
Official languagesEnglish
Recognised national languagesEnglish
Recognised regional languagesEnglish
Ethnic groups
  • 100% Arizonians
GovernmentAbsolute Monarchy
• King
Layton I of the House of Lee
Grand Council
Minor Council
from USA
• Independence
• Constitution ratified
Dec 13 2022
• Total
0.153781 km2 (0.059375 sq mi)
• Water (%)
• 2022 estimate
• 2022 census
CurrencyEtopian dollar
Time zoneUTC-7 (MST)
• Summer (DST)
UTC-7 (None)
Date formatmm/dd/yyyy
Driving sideright
Calling code+1
Internet TLD.com

The Kingdom of Etopia, more commonly known as Etopia, is a micronation in Southwest United States. Located in northern Arizona it has a cool climate reaching about 70-80 in the summer and down to 10 or below during winter. Etopia also has a small forest, plains and desert. Etopia was formed originally as a Diarchy but was changed to a Monarchy during the reformation age in which Etopian king Layton S Lee I overthrew his brother and became the sole monarch of Etopia. Etopia was originally not to be a kingdom but instead a republic it was decided by the founders to change it to a Diarchy and eventually to a Monarchy.

Etopia has elections in which Grand Council and Minor Council Members are elected Grand council Members are elected by the previous Grand Council and Minor council are also elected by the Grand council. Etopia is a Monarchy so it is almost completely controlled by the King but the citizens and councils also can change laws and policies in Etopia.


Etopia was named as such because of the kings previous history as the E Cult leader in which he was named E God. The letter E had became an amazing letter to the young king at the time he then took the word utopia and combined these two words.


Etopia is a young nation located in the state of Arizona, USA, that was founded as a backyard project by a man who had a vision for a better society. Etopia was nothing more than a small community of a few individuals who came together to live off the grid and pursue their own interests.

However, over time, Etopia grew and evolved into a Micronation with a structure and governance system in place. The decision was made to switch from a Diarchy to a Monarchy, and the founder of the country, Layton S Lee, was crowned as the first King of Etopia.

The House of Lee, an offshoot of the Lees of Shropshire, was chosen as the ruling house of Etopia. The King went on to establish the E.S.F (Etopian Special Forces), a highly trained military unit designed to protect the nation and its citizens from internal and external threats.

Despite its humble beginnings, Etopia has come a long way and is now a nation with a great community. Etopia looks forward to a bright and prosperous future under the wise leadership of the King.

{Head of state}

Etopia's King is the Head of state and as it is an absolute monarchy the King can do anything he wants. Powers include adjusting taxes, drafting for military or disbanding it, changing laws, removing government officials, amending the constitution, Etc. The King can also appoint royalty, nobility, and create titles.

{Grand, and Minor Councils}

The Grand and Minor councils are secondary governing bodies of Etopia and rule under the king to an extent. The Grand Council can create laws and govern the nation they help keep most of the country under the watch of the king. If the king does not agree with the councils policies he may change them with no warnings. The Minor Council can get laws sent to the Grand Council for approval as well as govern Etopia and they are to watch over the citizens and report to the Grand Council.

Political parties

Political parties are currently allowed in Etopia as they allow for people to represent themselves and who they stand for in the grand and minor elections which decide who sits at the councils. Etopia currently only has two Parties though and these are the Lee Party ran by King Layton S Lee, and the Yellow Party ran by Steel. as per law you may only have one representative in office for a duke position there are no limitations on other positions however.

Banner Name Party Leader Spectrum Ideologies Minor Council Grand Council
Yellow Party EYP Steel Right Wing Conservative
0 / 40
1 / 10
Lee Party ELP Layton S Lee I Centre-Right
0 / 40
1 / 10
No Flag Independents INS No Leader No Alignment
0 / 40
0 / 10
No Flag Etopian Militaristic Party EMP Everette Right Militaristic Interventionist Ideals
0 / 40
0 / 10


The Military is small and consists of 1 member the branches include the Army, Air, Stealth, and Medical. so far luckily Etopia has had no conflicts.

Foreign relations

Below is a list of recognized nations

Unilateral recognition

Mutual recognition

  • Template:Republic of Septivan
  • Template:Republic of Garmxia
  • Recognition refused


    Admnistrative regions

    Below is a list of the Constituencies of Etopia

    Name Area Population Officials
    Sunder County 0.5 Acres 1 King Layton S Lee I
    Lee County 0.5 Acres 0 None


    Economy of The Kingdom of Etopia
    CurrencyUSD, ESD
    Fixed exchange rates1 ESD = 0.10 USD
    below poverty line
    Main industriesFarming, Construction, Logging/Wood
    Import goodsFood, Water, Clothing
    Main import partners United States
    Current account$1500
    Gross external debt$0
    Public finances
    Revenues$9000 Yearly
    Expenses$4800 Yearly
    All values, unless otherwise stated, are in

    Etopia imports $4800 worth of food yearly and exports $0 worth of product. Etopia currently has Farming, Construction, and Wood industries and they generate resources, Etopia currently makes $9000 a year and plans to increase that number.


    The culture in Etopia is diverse but consists of mostly American culture Etopians celebrate Christmas, Easter and other predominantly Christian holidays. Men and Women are well educated as seen in most States of the USA and all genders are allowed to attend public or private schooling. Languages spoken in Etopia include English, and Spanish. There has been no artwork of any kind created in Etopia yet though Etopia plans to hold an Art Festival promoting creation of art in Etopia.