2020 Salandarian general election

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The Salanda 2020 September elections were held on 19th November to confirm the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Salanda it was the main part as part of the first democratic elections held in the Kingdom of Salanda as before the Kingdom of Salanda has been an absolute monarchy the results were that King Reuben I of the cleansden party became the current Prime Minister of Salanda, a second round of voting was held on the 19 November 2020 to confirm the Government’s stability this resulted in the same results due to the number of citizens. the results show below:

  • King Reuben I- 50% of the Vote
  • The Tuse- 50% of the Vote

As there were only two parties at the time they formed a government together (First Government of the Kingdom of Salanda) which lasted until 20 June 2021 until the 2021 Salandarian general election when the new Second Government of the Kingdom of Salanda was formed.

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