Reuben I of Salanda

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His Majesty
Reuben I
Monarch of the Kingdom of Salanda and all her sovereign lands,
Protector of Liberty, Democracy, Freedom and Justice

Coat of Arms of Salanda also used by Reuben I

King of Salanda
Assumed office:
22nd June 2018
Prime Minister of Salanda Himself
Solomon K
Samuel B
Predecessor office established

Prime Minister of Salanda
In office:
1st November 2020 - 20th June 2021
Predecessor Office established after Absolute Monarchy
Successor Solomon K
Citizenship  Salanda
 United Kingdom
Nationality Salandarian, British
Ethnicity Jewish
Political party Cleansden Party 2018-2021, None 2021-present
Residence Palace of the Kingdom of Salanda
Occupation Student
Religion Judaism
Military service
Allegiance Salanda Military

King Reuben I is the first and current King of Salanda. He has been ruling since the 22nd June 2018 – present. He was born on 22 June 2005. Currently, he lives in the Palace of the Kingdom of Salanda.

He was the 1st Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Salanda after the absolute monarchy serving from the 1 November 2020 – 20 June 2021. He was replaced by Solomon K as Prime Minster as leadership transitioned back to being the constitutional king of Salanda. King Reuben I is also the head of the House of Salanda the House that rules the Kingdom of Salanda. Ever since the beginning of his reign, he has always been a controversial figure in the Kingdom of Salanda and how he has guided Salanda.


Before the Kingdom of Salanda

Before the Kingdom of Salanda’s creation around 4–3 years before Salanda which was back in 2014/2015, King Reuben I was the King of then Kingdom of Ristabbita however soon the Kingdom of Ristabbita got dissolved and he didn’t try until a few years later to create another independent sovereign state.

Founding of the Kingdom of Salanda

On the 22 June 2018 King Reuben I proclaimed the establishment of the Kingdom of Salanda on his 13th Birthday.


Absolute Monarchy Period

From 22 June 2018 1 November 2020 the Kingdom of Salanda was an absolute monarchy, this was scrutinised by many Salandarians and under the absolute monarchy his reign became very authoritarian however in October 2020 many protests were held resulting in the end of the absolutely monarchy period.

Great Reshuffle and Democracy Period

As part of negotiations held between the two parties during the transition to democracy the Salandarian people agreed to vote for King Reuben I as the first prime minister of the Kingdom of Salanda in on the condition that in exchange they would get democracy although criticised a lot it went ahead anyway with King Reuben I of the restored Cleansden Party (which was abolished in 2018 to secure the old authoritarian policies under the absolute monarchy period) becoming Prime Minister.

Premiership 1 November 2020-20 June 2021

(See 1st Government of The Kingdom of Salanda for the government make-up and ministerial roles.) Under King Reuben I’s Premiership many reforms were passed which helped improve the Kingdom of Salanda’s economy however on the 19 June 2021 a vote of no confidence was held and the government was dissolved the next day elections were held and Solomon K defeated King Reuben I to become the 2nd Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Salanda and form the Second Government of the Kingdom of Salanda.

Post Premiership

After his premiership ended King Reuben I went back to being the constitutional King of the Kingdom of Salanda.

Personal life

King Reuben I lives in the Palace of the Kingdom of Salanda.


National honours

Foreign honours

  • Empire of Yata
    • Recepient of The Medal of Friendship of the Empire of Yata. (October 4, 2023)
  •  Forestria:
    • Member of the Honourable Peace and Science Corps