Etopian Special Forces

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Etopian Special Forces
Active7 December 2022 - Sep 4 2023
Country Kingdom of Etopia
BranchEtopian Army Corps
TypeSpecial Operations Force
RoleSpecial operations
Direct action
Special reconnaissance
Amphibious reconnaissance
Unconventional warfare
Hostage rescue
Foreign internal defense
Counter narcotic operations
Border Operations
Nickname(s)E-Tac Ops (ETO)

The Etopian Special Forces also known as the E-Tac Ops (ETO) is a squad of the Red Hand Company of the Etopian Clay Regiment of the Etopian Army Corps.

Originally created as the TEDSF (The Etopian Desert Special Forces) as a part of a Elite Group, the goal was to control and defend borders in Etopian and allied land the TEDSF expanded to start assassinations and military missions it also focused on the informations in the military. On 7 December it was given the name Desert Special Forces (DSF) however during the Second year of Lee control on 23 December 2022, it became the Etopian Special Forces (E-Tac Ops, ETO).

The Etopian Special Forces is one of the first military groups that was created and certified in Etopia, However it has since been disbanded instead its been replaced with the Golden Knights.