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Vyomanism is a Vyomanian religion and set of beliefs and practices and a way of life. It forms the majority of Vyomania. The Empire of Vyomania is a secular state with a diverse religious population. Its constitution guarantees freedom of religion. Many religions are represented in the ethnic and regional diversity of the population. Vyomanism predominates the majority of Vyomania. The word Vyomanist is an exonym.

Vyomanists believe that every human and organism has spirit which is formed at birth, which is resident in the physical body made of molecules and chemicals. Maa Kali, the divine mother goddess, created the whole universe and life. Universe was created from a small sphere, so small that it is invisible to unaided human eye. Followers also believe in kami, an energy present throughout nature.

Meaning of Vyomanism

The meaning of Vyomanism is space religion. It's not just a religion but a way of life. It is not identified by the world governments as a real religion. Vyomanism is like a community. Vyomanists can follow other religions. To become a Vyomanist, people should:

  • Believe is Ekam (unity) and shouldn't discriminate on any basis (nationality, religion, caste, gender, etc.) or support anyone who does
  • Spread the Vyomanist teachings
  • Not believe in idol worship (optional)
  • Support good



Imagine that someone who is hardworking and he/she comes to know that they will be rich one day, they may stop working hard and will never become rich. Now imagine that a person who is lazy comes to know his/her fate that he/she will be poor in future, then he/she may keep being lazy as they think whatever they do, they will become poor in the future. Vyomanists believe that there is no such thing as fate or if there is, then it can be changed by hard work and smart work.


Vyomanists also believe that gods created humans so that humans can take care of nature with their ideas and innovation. Helping mother nature (also called Maa Eywa or Maa Prakriti) is everyone's dharma and every life is sacred and a manifestation of God.


Maya means magic in Vyomanism. Vyomanists believe in magic. Many Vyomanists practice magic. A religious leader authorized to perform sacred rituals is called a Mayavich (female) and Mayavin (male).


Vyomanists believe in many different gods and goddesses. The Vyomanist belief system is very complex.
Panthoibi is the goddess of war. She defeated demons from a different universe which was impossible for other gods.
Shiva is the preserver of the world and the destroyer of evil.
Goddess Nuwa is the goddess of water.
Ra is the god of fire and plasma.
Nidaba is the goddess of technology.
Yaksha are invisible ghost-like creatures that live in all trees except in trees grown by humans. If a human cuts tree not grown by him/her, yaksha will haunt him/her and give bad luck. But if someone helps trees grow with yaksha living, that yaksha will bless that human with good luck.
Vyomwings are dragons and dragon-like creatures.

Holy book

The Vyomanist Holy book, Codex of new light, contains instructions for magical rituals, religious text, and Vyomanist philosophy.

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