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The Church of Eden also known as Edenism is a monotheistic religion founded on the 25th of October 2021 by Pope Luke I. Followers of Edenism are called Edenists.

Church of Eden
Logo of the Church of Eden
ScriptureBook of Eden
TheologyEden Theology
Pope of EdenLukas I
FounderPope Lukas I
Origin25th of October 2021
MinistersPope - 1
Other name(s)Edenism


Edenism's beliefs have similarities to that of Christianity.


The Church worships a single, all powerful, God.

Edenists believe that God's primary messenger on earth is the Pope of Eden and they believe the Pope may communicate indirectly with God. Edenists also believe that God may send messages to people on earth in Dreams but we must research what they mean.


Edenists believe that dedication to following the Book of Eden as well as the 14 Tenets and 12 Goals of Edenism will get followers back into the Garden of Eden after they die.

Edenists believe that the Garden of Eden became a level of Heaven and if Edenists don't quite make it there but are still virtuous they still make it to another level of Heaven.

Edenists believe that one day the Day of Judgement will come and the world will end and those who make it into the Garden of Eden or another level of Heaven will have eternal afterlife.

Book of Eden

The Holy Scripture in Edenism is the Book of Eden. Edenists believe it was directly dictated by God and was written down by Pope Lukas I, founding the religion.

As it was dictated by God, Edenists believe what it contains is true.

Goals and Tenets

The Goals and Tenets of Edenism define how Edenists should live their lives in accordance with the Book of Eden.


Edenists believe they should aim to pray multiple times a day to bring themselves closer to God and Re-Entering the Garden of Eden.

Leadership Structure

The Church of Eden has a clear structure of leadership.

Pope of Eden - Head of the Church & God's Messenger and Representative on Earth
Heralds - The Pope's Personal Assistants
Cardinals - Representatives of the Religion on behalf of the Pope
The Chosen - People Elected by God and Named to the Pope to act as National and Regional leaders of the Church
Priests - Leaders of Events in Regional Divisions of the Church
Deacon - Assistants to the Priests
Edenist - Members of the Religion

List of Popes

Popes of Eden
Name Dates in Office
Lukas I 25th of October 2021 - Present

Prophets and Saints


Title Name Dates of Prophethood
Pope Lukas I 25th of October 2021 - Present


Name Reason for Sainthood Dates of Sainthood
Archie Bravery in the Face of Difficulty 3rd of November 2021 - Present


Eden Day - 25th of October, Celebrating the Birth of Edenism
Saint Archie Day - 3rd of November, Commemorating the Life and Sainthood of Saint Archie

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