Red Moon Coven

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Red Moon Coven
Röd måne coven
Red Moon Logo.png

Founder Claire Nymoria and Charlotte Lindstrom
Founded March 2017
High Priestess Charlotte Lindstrom
Headquarters Tyrshavn
Territory Uskor
Language Swedish, English and Uskorian

The Red Moon Coven (Swedish:Röd måne coven) is a religious organisation and Coven of witches in Uskor.
The Red Moon (the Coven) was formed out of the former Coven of the Cross and Sickle that was dissolved following the abandonment of Christianity by the members of that coven.
The name Red Moon, is said to come from both the colour of certain luna eclipses but also as a reference to Uskor's socialism and the socialist society it exists within.


The Coven's beliefs contain a majority of elements from Wicca to the extent that many call the Coven Wiccan. The coven is considered to a type of Eclectic Wicca.
The Coven's primary rule is "Do no harm, but take no s**t". The Coven differs from traditional Wiccans on the use of curses and hexes, with their use being reserved for defensive uses only.
The coven believes that current bourgeoisie as shown in Marxist theory and current class structures are inherently unjust and it is their duty to try to help resolve that injustice.


The Coven worships two deities, the Horned God and the Triple Goddess. Both deities are considered equal and take their appearance to what may be pleasing or noticeable to the person whom is communicating with the deities.
The Triple Goddess has three faces or aspects, the maiden, the mother and the crone. All of these faces have different representations throughout a persons life such as the wisdom of the crone and the caring of the mother. The Mother doesn't however represent a literal mother but rather qualities around motherhood such as kindness, caring, justice and experience.
The Horned One is a god expressing more masculine traits and aspects such as the young man, father and the old man (which can be seen roughly analogous to the maiden, mother and crone). The Horned one is also seen as a personification of the life force energy in animals and the wild (such as the bush) and is associated with the wilderness, virility and the hunt. The Coven also believes the Horned God also carries the souls of the dead to the Summerlands.
The Horned one ritually is said to die and be reborn around Samhain according to the Coven.


Members of the Coven belief that after death should a person not need to meet the mother in the form of Mother Justice, that their sprit shall move from this plane of existence to the plane of existence known as the Summerland or the Summerlands. The Coven members believe that in the Summerlands they shall be at peace, free from pain and any torment, be one with the God and Goddess and shall meet friends and family.
Members of the Coven believe that in the Summerlands the weather is always fair, their is gentle breezes, warm sun like light and parkland like forests and rivers to explore during the day and at night there is a hall with endless food, drink and entertainment.

Organisation and role in Uskorian Society

The Coven is headed by a High Priestess, who organises the Coven and its business and keeps any coven property like a coven book of shadows.
The High Priestess is usually the woman elected as chairwoman of the Council of State, when a woman who isn't a member of the Coven is elected they become a patron of the Coven and the next highest ranking female Uskorian public official becomes the High Priestess.
The Coven's primary altar space is located in Stalin Square within Tyrshavn. Coven members sometimes practice their craft and religion in members homes or in public places subject to the law including the Witchcraft Act.
The coven has a role in shaping Uskorian culture toward a pagan socialist path, through its influence in the Uskorian League of Communists.

List of High Priestesses

Title Name City and Region Dates in office
High Priestesses
1st High Priestess Charlotte Lindstrom Tyrshavn, Denton 20 March 2017

Opposition from within Uskor

Some members of the League of Communists have raised concerns that by allowing a coven or any other religious organisation to exist within Uskor is an abandonment of elements of communist theory and may lead to counter revolution.

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