Witchcraft Act 2016 (Uskor)

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Witchcraft Act 2016
Created November 22, 2016
Ratified November 23, 2016
Location Uskor
Purpose Legislation

The Witchcraft Act 2016 (full title: An act to protect the community of witches and wholesome practitioners of the magickal arts within the Socialist Commonwealth of Uskor.) is a piece of legislation of the Socialist Commonwealth of Uskor designed to regulate witchcraft and establish certain rights concerning witchcraft.

Witchcraft Rights

The Witchcraft Act 2016 gives the following rights to "proletarian and revolutionary practitioners" of witchcraft:

  • The right to use legal magick
  • the right to freedom from discrimination for practising legal magick

Responsibilities of the Uskorian Government

The Witchcraft Act 2016 places certain responsibilities on the Uskorian Government:

  • Protecting the community of law abiding witches
  • Making the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Culture responsible for protecting the communities of proletarian and revolutionary witches in Uskor.

Criminal Offences

The Witchcraft Act 2016 also creates two criminal offences:

  • Criminal Use of Witchcraft: This makes it illegal for a person to use magic or witchcraft to harm, maim, psychologically injure, cause distress or otherwise that committed without witchcraft or magic would contravene the constitutional order of Uskor or the Crimes Act 2016
  • Malicious Use of Witchcraft: This offence means that engaging in witchcraft that goes against the good "proletarian morals" of Uskor


Since 2013 witchcraft has generally been protected in Uskor following the Witchcraft and Magic Act 2013 becoming legislation, however in 2015 the Witchcraft and Magic Act 2013 was repealed at the request of the Uskorian Christian Community. In November 2016, as the number of people in Uskor professing to be witches grew, the Uskorian Prime Minister Claire Nymoria pressed the Chairwoman of the Council of State of Uskor to legislate to protect the community of witches in Uskor. Nymoria along with members of the Coven of the Cross and Sickle wrote legislation and submitted it to the Chairwoman, Charlotte Lindstrom which she did using her powers to pass legislation on behalf of the Council of State.

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