Cheng cabinet I

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Cheng I
2nd democratic cabinet ministry of Hinata

Date formed Summer III
Date dissolved Summer VII
People and organizations
Head of government Masahiro Cheng (LDP)
Head of state Lanna Harada
No. of ministers 7
Member party LDP
Status in legislature Absolut majority
Opposition party HSP
Opposition leader Natali Nakajima
Election(s) 2nd Hinata presidential election
Outgoing election 2nd Hinata general election
Legislature term(s) Summer III - ???
Previous Nakajima cabinet I
Successor ???

The Cheng cabinet I was the second government cabinet and legislature of Hinata. The Head of State was Lanna Harada. The Head of Government was Masahiro Cheng, worked as Secretary of State of Hinata.

Composition of the cabinet

Original cabinet

Post Name Party
President Lanna Harada   IND
Secretary of State (Prime Minister) Masahiro Cheng LDP
Department of Education Pierre Nikaidô LDP
Department of Finance Tarô Nakajima LDP
Department of Mines and Industry Pierre Nikaidô LDP
Department of Agriculture and Commerce Tomomi Amano IND
Department of Police Goran Ishijima LDP
Bureau of Foreign Affairs Tarô Nakajima LDP
Bureau of Judicial Affairs Ferena Nakajima LDP

Secretary of State of Hinata (Heads of Government)

Secretary of State of Hinata Took office Left office Party
Masahiro Cheng Summer III - LDP