Hinata in the Microvision Song Festival

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Member station Hinata Broadcasting

National selection events Hinata Island Music Festival (2019-2019)

Appearances 1

First appearance 2019

Last appearance 2019

Best result 2nd : 2019

Worst result 2nd : 2019

Hinata has participated in the Microvision Song Festival since its debut in 2019.


Hinata entered the Microvision Song Festival for the first time in 2019 with the song "Liberation", performed by Mai Fuchigami in japanese and finished second.


Table key

 1st place   2nd place   3rd place   Last place 

Year Artist Language Title Final Points
2019 Mai Fuchigami Japanese Liberation 2 76
2020 GFriend Japanese Flower

Voting history

Most points given in the finals
Rank Country Points
1 Iustus 12
2 Lundenwic 10
3 Troncopañya 8
Most points recieved in the finals
Rank Country Points
1 Antares 12
1 Draaken 12
1 Lundenwic 12
2 Rino Island 10
3 Helitania 8

National selection events

Usually, the national selection event is the Hinata Island Music Festival, organized by the city office of Chûô and Hinata Broadcasting. One of the rules of this contest is the language of the song: It must be in japanese. Also, in each edition of the contest only four songs can be presented.


In the first edition of the Hinata Island Music Festival and in Microvision 2019 the jury was composed by: