Microvision Song Festival

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Not to be confused with the Microvision Song Festival 2011.

Microvision Song Festival
Organizer Micronational Broadcasting Union
Creation 2015
Editions 6 + 1 confirmed
Localisation International
Number of participants 12 (in 2019)
Original languages Spanish and English

The Microvision Song Festival, sometimes popularly called Microvision, is the longest-running micronational annual international TV song competition, held, primarily, among the member countries of the Micronational Broadcasting Union (MBU) since 2015.

Each participating country submits a song to be and then casts votes for the other countries' songs to determine the most popular song in the competition. The contest has been broadcast every year since its inauguration in 2015.


The Microvision Song Festival is a contest updated from the Eurovision Song Contest. Under the leadership of UMR and Hispanic micronations, the contest was created in 2015. The first edition in 2015 was won by Valumar. The following year saw the arrival of new non-Spanish micronations like Coria or Toyoashihara who won the 2016 edition.The Microvision 2017 makes a great deal in the new technologies used. The host, Antares won the competition.

In 2018, Occitania won the Microvision Song Contest 2018 with the song "Ganas de matar" by Spanish drag queen "La Prohibida.". One year later, Troncopañya another Catalan Micronational (the third in three years) win the contest, marked by numerous technical incidents.


As of 2020, five different micro nations have won all five editions of the competition. Four winners were located in Europe while one was located in Asia.

Occitania holds the record for the highest number of runner-up placings and the nation with the most points since the first contest.

Year Date Host Winner Song Performer Language Points % of points Runner up
2015 16 July Bandera de soria.jpg Soria Val-flag.jpg Valumar Santiano Celtic Fantasy French 52 69% (58/84) Banderarinoisland.jpg Rino Island
2016 17 June Banderarinoisland.jpg Rino Island Toyoasihara.jpg Toyoashihara Fubuki Hayato Konoe Instrumental 56 51% (56/108) EQli KAD 400x400.png Antares
Flaggyflag.png Occitania
2017 27 May EQli KAD 400x400.png Ciutat-Castell EQli KAD 400x400.png Antares Futur Rosa López Catalan 91 58% (91/156) Azerty.png Occitania
2018 8 June Azerty.png Aragon Azerty.png Occitania Ganas de Matar La Prohibida Spanish 91 63% (91/144) Posafgov.png Posaf
2019 30 November Bandera catonia.png Catonia At-bandera-de-troncopa-ya-digitalizada2 orig.jpg Troncopañya In the night Oques Grasses Catalan 85 64,39% (85/132) Hinata flag.png Hinata
2020 31 December At-bandera-de-troncopa-ya-digitalizada2 orig.jpg Troncopañya Bandera catonia.png Catonia Tacones Baratos Huecco Spanish 57 20,88%


At-bandera-de-troncopa-ya-digitalizada2 orig.jpg Troncopañya
2021 TBD Bandera catonia.png Catonia TBA

Three winners are nationals of Spain Rosa López, La Prohibida and Oques Grasses), one is French (Celtic Fantasy) and the last one is a national from de Micronational of Toyoashihara, Hayato Konoe.

Hayato Konoe is the only one Micronational citizen who won the competition.


Eligible participants include primarily Active Members of the Micronational Broadcasting Union. Active members are those who are active members of the organization.

Country making its debut entry

Year Country making its debut entry
2015 LasIdeas.jpeg Ideas
Bandera de soria.jpg Numancia
Banderarinoisland.jpg Rino Island
Timeria6.png Timeria
Val-flag.jpg Valumar
Banderaestandar.png Vontan
2016 EQli KAD 400x400.png Antares
CoriaFlag.png Coria
Lundenwicflag1.png Lundenwic
Flaggyflag.png Occitania
Polanda.png Polanda
Toyoasihara.jpg Toyoashihara
Ipainia-flag.jpg Ipainia
Feli.jpg Felinitia
PolishRepublicOfFreeland.png Freeland
MONTIBER.jpg Montiber
FMv4BNWN 400x4eeeeneehbdidvdoshsvsis36537N900.jpg Navir
Cata.png Three Flowers
2018 Asgrai.png Asgaria
Iustus flag.png Iustus
Kaion Flag.jpeg Kaion
DbZvfzLW0AEHqxH.jpg Levante
Helitania.png Helitania
Natiaflag.jpg Natia
Posafgov.png Posaf
2019 Draaken flag.jpeg Draaken
Hinata flag.png Hinata
At-bandera-de-troncopa-ya-digitalizada2 orig.jpg Troncopañya
2020 BanderaAlevican.jpg Alevican

Overseas Territory of the Village of Pedro


Participants have the choice of their artist. Some were able to choose local musical productions, such as Hayato Konoe who won the contest in 2016 or to choose internationally recognized artists.


It is customary for the wining country to have a priority in organizing the next competition. If the latter can not, we look in the poduim and then to another member able to organize the event

Country Years
Bandera de soria.jpg Numancia 2015
Banderarinoisland.jpg Rino Island 2016
EQli KAD 400x400.png Antares 2017
Azerty.png Occitania 2018
Bandera catonia.png Catonia 2019
At-bandera-de-troncopa-ya-digitalizada2 orig.jpg Troncopañya 2020
Bandera catonia.png Catonia 2021


-The requirements for the song are as follows:

  • The minimum duration of the songs is 1:30 minutes.
  • The maximum Video clip length is 4:30 minutes.
  • The maximum duration of the songs is 4 minutes.
  • There is no limitation of language, the Agency may choose whoever wants
  • There is also no limitation as to the nationality Representative, the National Agency has the right to choose the one you want.
  • Wholly Songs Instrumentals are entitled to participate.
  • The Covers and Instrumental versions are allowed.
  • The Video Candidacy must have the following requirements : Logo must remain at all times of the station chain. (However, if you want to put a song of 1980 you could perfectly. The only limitation is the video)..It must be hosted on the server YouTube.
  • Artists must have a minimum age of 16
  • It is not allowed the presentation of songs that have participated in previous Festivals of the Song of any kind, such as San Remo or Eurovision.
  • The letter should not promote any organization, institution, political cause, company, brand or service(including profanity or ofendentes words to others, religious, sexual etc.) ... Political ideologies in the lyrics of the songs it is prohibited


Most used languages

Rank Utilisations Language Country
1 15 Spanish Bandera catonia.png UEGG/Catonia (4)
Draaken flag.jpeg Draaken
Helitania.png Helitania
Bandera de soria.jpg Numancia (2)
Azerty.png Occitania (2)
Polanda.png Polanda
Banderarinoisland.jpg Rino Island (3)
Timeria6.png Timeria
2 9 Instrumental Feli.jpg Felinitia
LasIdeas.jpeg Ideas
Polanda.png Polanda
Timeria6.png Timeria
Toyoasihara.jpg Toyoasihara
Banderaestandar.png Vontan
Iustus flag.png Iustus
Natiaflag.jpg Natia
3 9 English Asgrai.png Asgaria
Helitania.png Helitania
DbZvfzLW0AEHqxH.jpg Levante
Lundenwicflag1.png Lundenwic (2)
Bandera de soria.jpg Numancia
Azerty.png Occitania[1]
Polanda.png Polanda
Timeria6.png Timeria
4 6 Catalan EQli KAD 400x400.png Antares (3)
MONTIBER.jpg Montiber
FlagUNOc.png Nova-Occitania[2]
At-bandera-de-troncopa-ya-digitalizada2 orig.jpg Troncopañya
5 5 French FlagOfAbrelandOfficial.jpeg Arbreland[3]
CoriaFlag.png Coria
Iustus flag.png Iustus
Posafgov.png Posaf
Val-flag.jpg Valumar
5 3 Polish PolishRepublicOfFreeland.png Freeland (2)
Kaion Flag.jpeg Kaion
6 2 Japanese Hinata flag.png Hinata
Polanda.png Polanda
6 1 Occitan Cata.png Three Flowers
6 1 Portugese Ipainia-flag.jpg Ipainia
6 1 Serbian CoriaFlag.png Coria
6 1 Ukrainian Lundenwicflag1.png Lundenwic

Winners by language

Wins Language Year Country
2 Catalan 2017
1 French 2015 Valumar
1 Instrumental 2016 Toyoashihara
1 Spanish 2018 Occitania

Languages and their first appearance

Order Language First apparance Country First performer First song
1 Instrumental 2015 LasIdeas.jpeg Ideas Agustín Q. Limerencia
2 French 2015 Val-flag.jpg Valumar Celtic Fantasy "Santiago"
3 English 2015 Bandera de soria.jpg Numancia Sofía Karlberg "Take Me to Church"
4 Spanish 2015 Banderarinoisland.jpg Rino Island Chico Trujillo "Loca"
5 Serbian 2016 CoriaFlag.png Coria Zeljko Joksimovic "Nije ljubav stvar"
6 Catalan 2016 EQli KAD 400x400.png Antares Rosa López "Et necesite"
7 Ukrainian 2016 Lundenwicflag1.png Lundenwic Verka Serduchka "Chita Drita"
8 Japanese 2017 Polanda.png Polanda Hitomi Ishikawa "Koi"
9 Portugese 2017 Ipainia-flag.jpg Ipainia Renato Misiuk & DJ Claudinho RS "Real in Rio"
10 Occitan 2017 Cata.png Three Flowers Lou Dalfin "Sem encar ici"
11 Polish 2017 PolishRepublicOfFreeland.png Freeland Jeremi Sikorski "Prześliczna wiolonczelistka"


Years System of votes
2015 - 2016 Each country send 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 points. points to its six favorite songs.
2017 - present Every country gives 12, 10, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1 points to its ten favorite songs.
  1. With some words in Kurdish
  2. As the successor of the Popular Union of Occitania
  3. With one sentence in Arabic