DESTÍ: Troncopañya 2020

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DESTÍ: Troncopañya 2020

Organizer Televisió d'Antares
Date 2015
Host TBD
Venue Ciutat-Castell
Number of participants 4
Original languages Catalan

Destí: Troncopañya 2020 is a television program of Televisió d'Antares as a national selection to the Microvision 2020. This program will have various chapters for the songs and the results. The winner of the contest will represent Antares in the Microvision 2020 held in Troncopañya.

Program schedule

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Votation system

They are three votation sistems. In this contest can vote the national jury, the international jury and the national and international public.

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Artist Song Language(s) Place Points
Dova Com el Vent Catalan TBD TBD
Llorenç Fernàndez Albada Catalan TBD TBD
Elena Rodríguez Llums i Ombres de l'Amor Catalan TBD TBD
Rosita Amores & El Titi Posa'm Menta Catalan TBD TBD