Microvision 2020

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Microvision 2020
Final31 December 2020
Venue Troncopañya
Directed byMicronational Broadcasting Union
Host broadcasterCorporació Troncopañyola de Mitjans de Comunicació (CTCM)
Number of entries7
Debuting countries Alevican
Overseas Territory of the Village of Pedro
Non-returning countries Nova-Occitania


Voting systemEach micronation gives 1, 3, 5, 8, 10 and 12 points to 6 songs of their choice.
Winning songTacones Baratos - Huecco
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The Microvision Song Festival 2020 is set to be the 6th edition of the Microvision Song Festival, organized by the Micronational Broadcasting Union (MBU).

As of 7 May 2020, eight countries have confirmed their intention to participate in the contest.


No specific rule defines the process of organization of the contest. The custom nevertheless indicates that the winner has a right of preamp on the organization of the contest. If this first refuses, we turn then to the second, then the third and so on. until you find an organizer.

On the beginning of December, it was announced that the former winner Troncopañya will host the 2020 edition.

Participating countries

This is a list of micronations announcing their participation. The inscriptions are not open so far.

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  Last place

List of participating countries

Draw Country Language Artist Song English translation Place Points
1 Overseas Territory of the Village of Pedro English Joe Esposito You are the Best - 6 30
2 Rino Island Spanish Soundtrack ¡Misteriosa Aventura! Mysterious Adventure! 4 44
3 Alevican Spanish & English Black Eyed Peas Mamacita Mommy 7 10
4 Catonia Spanish Huecco Tacones Baratos Cheap Heels 1 57
5 Helitania Spanish La Oreja de Van Gogh Dulce locura Sweet madness 3 47
6 Draaken Spanish Pignoise Sigo llorando por ti I'm still crying for you 5 38
7 Troncopañya Catalan Various Artists Un Sant Jordi Diferent A Different Saint George 2 47

Other countries

  • Persico 1st Participation (Disqualified)


  • Arbreland - Arbreland originally selected their entry on March 7th 2020 with La Voix De L'arbre 2020. However on December 11th 2020 Arbreland was officially disestablished after almost a year with no activity.

Active MBU members

Other UMR members that have never participated


CTCM hosting

As host, the broadcaster CTCM opened several internet pages to organize the election of the competition logo and the registration of participants, functions which customarily fall under the responsibility of the Micronational Broadcasting Union. In parallel, CTCM accepted the candidacy of participants who are not members of the organization, in total violation of the rules of the competition.

These actions led the UMR to delete some of the messages posted on the organization's forum. In response, a complaint was filed against the Nova-Occitania TV OC channel in Troncopañya. In response, the channel announced its withdrawal from the competition if it was organized by this broadcaster. On its Twitter account TV OC published that it was important to know how to differentiate the channel as an independent legal entity and the staff working there who may also have a responsibility at the Micronational Broadcasting Union. TV OC cannot be held responsible for individual actions at MBU level.

Similarly, while the calendar for registrations and the final date of the competition is organized jointly, between the host broadcaster and the Micronational Broadcasting Union, CTCM has unilaterally published its calendar with the consequence of organizing the show in November instead of this summer as desired by the MBU.

Criticism of provisional administration of MBU

In June 2020, after a series of irregularities in holding elections at the MBU, Helitania's television announced that they would not participate in the contest organized by the self-appointed administration. They pledged their participation in the Troncopaynia event. The problems were that the representative Chkaya opened a call for elections through a post in the organization's forum. However, Chkaya himself blocked responses to the forum immediately after submitting his candidacy.

The Republic of Rino Island reported that it would evaluate its participation in this year's event. Likewise, due to the serious irregularities in internal elections of the MBU and the fraudulent application of internal regulations, the Rino Island Broadcasting Company invited members to change the forum, and to hold elections according to the current statute, with full guarantees.

Following the Rino Island claim, Chkaya gave up micronationalism, citing health problems.