Overseas Territory of the Village of Pedro

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Overseas Territory of the Village of Pedro (Rino Island)
Territorio de Ultramar de la Aldea de Pedro (Rino Island) (Spanish)
Flag of Village of Pedro
Coat of arms of Village of Pedro
Coat of arms
and largest city
Aldea de Pedro
49°36′N 6°7′E / 49.600°N 6.117°E / 49.600; 6.117
Official languagesSpanish
ReligionRoman Catholicism
GovernmentOverseas province presidential republic
• President
Marco Antonio Rino
• Governator
Carlos Sancho Santana
LegislaturePedro's Neighborhood Assembly
Dependent territory from the Spanish state
• Declared
01 January 2016
20 July 2019
• 2020 estimate
• Census
10 (citizens-in-exercise)
CurrencyEuroa (EUR)
Time zoneCLT and EAST (UTC−4 and −6)
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy
Drives on theright
Calling code+56
Patron saintSan Vittorio
Internet TLD.ri

The Aldea de Pedro is a cultural sovereign territory of Rino Island according to subsection 3 of article 2 of the Political Constitution of Rino Island, located in the Pyrenees, and annexed to the country on January 1, 2016 pursuant to the Treaty of Annexation Pedro between the Independent Kingdom of the Numantine Lands and the Republic of Rino Island, on December 12, 2015. A referendum was also held that ratified the annexation. Its capital and only city is the Aldea de Pedro.

Currently its governor is Mr. Carlos Sancho Santana. The functions of the Pedro Neighbors Assembly were suspended, but the body performs consultative functions until the final law regulating the status of the territory is issued.

Coat of arms

Pedro has as coat of arms the Catholic Monarchs coat of arms. The usual emblazoned on the coat of arms of the Catholic Monarchs includes a stamped shield with an open gold royal crown and supported by the eagle of Saint John the Evangelist covered with a quartered saber. In the first and fourth barracks there would be a counter-barracks with the arms of Castilla y León and in the second and third, a party with those of Aragon and Sicily. Under the shield and on both sides, the insignia of Fernando (the yoke with the cut Gordian knot) and Isabel (the arrows) would be represented.

The shield is frequently accompanied by two badges: the yoke with the Gordian knot cut with the nickname «tanto monta» by Fernando and the bundle of arrows by Isabel. Each of these currencies paid homage to the consort with its initial: "F" for Fernando on the arrows of Isabel and "Y" for the queen - Ysabel, as is usual in the spelling of the time - in the Fernandino yoke.

It should not be confused with the coat of arms of the Francisco Franco dictatorship. In that one a coat of arms similar to that used by the Catholic Monarchs was used, with the eagle of San Juan being a prominent element. From that coat of arms, the headquarters of Sicily was replaced by that of Navarra, which already appeared on the shield of Spain from the provisional Government. The columns of Hercules and the ribbon with the motto "Plus Ultra" from previous versions of the national coat of arms were incorporated, and the motto of the Catholic Monarchs, "Tanto Monta", was replaced by the words "Una Grande Libre".


Since the adoption of the Pedro Village to the Republic of Rino Island, a transition process took place until March 1, 2016 in which the Republic of Rino Island dealt with the issues of the integration of this village in the areas economic, financial, credit and legal order of the Republic of Rino Island, as well as military service issues.

In accordance with the signed treaty, the Republic of Rino Island will guarantee the entire population residing in the village of Pedro the right to preserve their culture and to create conditions for its study and development. The official language of the Aldea de Pedro is Spanish and its Soriana and Spanish culture is guaranteed.

The boundaries of the territory of the Aldea de Pedro are determined by the existing border territory that delimits the Aldea, established by the same treaty.

Since September 2018, the Overseas Territory of the Aldea de Pedro (Republic of Rino Island) was established, administered directly by the President of the Republic through a governor, pending the law that dictates its final status. It is an integral part of the Rinoisland territory, and its diplomatic relations, defense and most of the government depend directly on Rino Island.

The population of the overseas territory is made up of citizens who live in Spain and other European countries, and who voluntarily decide to join this census.

They have participated in the Micronational Olympic Games, with better results than Rino Island.