Micronational Broadcasting Union (2015)

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Micronational Broadcasting Union
Type: Union of Broadcasting Companies
Founded March 17, 2016
Founder: Jorge de Antillón
General Secretary Gamaliel Rodriguez
Official Website MBU Website
Official Products Microvision Song Festival

The Micronational Broadcasting Union (MBU; Spanish: Union Micronacional de Radiodifusión, UMR) is an alliance of media entities, established on March 17, 2015. As of 2016, the organisation comprises 19 members. It is best known for producing the Microvision Song Festival.

General Description

Members of the MBU are radio and television companies, most of which are government-owned public service broadcasters. The MBU's highest profile production is the Microvision Song Festival, organised by the Microvision department directed by Babou Chkaya. Also, the countries represented in the MBU cooperate to create other kinds of programs.


Country Broadcasting organisation National script Abbr. Year
Numancia Numantian Radiotelevision Radiotelevisión Numantina RTVN


Occitania TV OC TV OC TVOC 2016
Estuardo Stuardian Television Corporation Corporación Televisiva Estuardera CTE 2016
Three Flowers TV CAT TV CAT TV CAT 2016
Antares Antares Radio-Television Corporation Corporació Antarenya de Ràdio i Televisió CARTV 2015
Ideas Idealist Radio and Television Radio y Television Idealista RTI 2015
Ipainia Ipainia National Broadcasting Company Ipainia National Broadcasting Company NBC 2016
Timeria Timeria Television Timeria Television TimeriaTV 2015
Coria Coria Television Televizija Korije CoTV 2016
Toyoashihara Agency Toyoashihara Yuraku News 有楽新聞 YIN 2016
 Imperial Grand Duchy of Lundenwic Imperial State News Imperial State News ISNTV 2016
Freeland PRF1 Broadcasting sp.z.o.o PRF1 Television PRF1 TV 2016
Valumar Valumar Television Valumar Televisión VTV 2015
Rino Island Rino Island Broadcasting Company Rino Island Broadcasting Company RIBC 2015
Vontan Television Vontan Televisión Vontan TeleVon 2015
UEGG Broadcasting State Union Unión Estatal de Radiotelevisión URE 2015
Polanda Broadcasting services of Polanda Servicio de Radiovisión de Polanda SRP 2016
Fitberland Fitberlandian Central Broadcasting Central de Radiodifusion Fitberlandesa Teleca 2016
Henares Henares TV Henares TV HTV 2016
Montiber Radiotelevision of Montíber Radiotelevisió de Montíber RTVM 2017
Argar RadioTV Argárian RadioTV Argárica. TVPA 2017
Kingdom of Felinitia FelinitiaTV FelinitiaTV FTV 2017
De Heen and Mildeburg National Broadcasting of De Heen and Mildenburg National Broadcasting of De Heen and Mildenburg RAHM


Dania Dania Radio Television Radiotelevisión Daniana DRTV


Hasanistan Hasanistan Radio and Television Organization Hasanistan Radyo ve Televizyon Teşkilatın HRTT


Natia (A part of Abreland) TV Arbreland БeŁeцêçêon  AяbяeŁand TV Arbreland


Hinata Hinata Broadcasting 日南田放送 or ヒナタ放送 HBC


Pérsico National Council of Radio & TV. Consejo Nacional de Radio y Televisión CONART 2015

List of General Secretary

Name Term of office
Jorge de Antillón (Unknown)
Agustín Q. (Unknown)
Jorge de Antillón Unknown - 15 September 2017
Babou Chkaya (15 September 2017 – 29 October 2018)
Jorge de Antillón 30 October 2018 - 2 April 2020
Collegiate management of broad members 2 April 2020 -