Kingdom of Fitberland

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United Kingdom of Fitberland,Overseas Territories and South Piesia
Reino de Fitberland (es)
Flag of Fitberland.png
Coat Of Arms of Fitberland.png
Coat of Arms


Capital City of Herbalia
Largest city Niles City
Language Spanish

Government Republic
King Raul Torres
Formation 21 May, 2010
Area Claimed 2.5 km²
GDP 45.000$ (2015)
GDP per capita 4.000$ (2015)
Currency Dinar Fitberlandes
Time zone (UTC-7)
Date format dd-mm-yyyy


The United Kingdom of Fitberland and Overseas Territories is a Micronation located in Mexico founded by S.M Raul I before Fitberland become a Kingdom it was a republic and then in 1 February 2016 it changed to United Kingdom of Fitberland, UK of Fitberland is a Member of the United Micronations,Commonwealth of Fitberland and Pentagonal Alliance. The Fitberland territory is of 2.5 km2. Fitberland has other territories like the Kingdom of Catalunya and Kingdom of Rosea (Roses). United Kingdom of Fitberland has a Civil war started in 30 May 2015 and Finished in 21 June 2016 (1 year) winning the Communist Republic of Piesia best know as North Piesia the war ended because Piesia Conquered Silecedor City and Fitberland Surrender losing the 50% of the territory of Niles there were many operations did by the army. Niles territory is best know as the ´´Most Fighed Territory´´. Always the UKF is the host with Persico of the FISA World Cup 2016. to see the Football Team of Fitberland: Fitberland National Football Team.