Raul Torres

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Raul Torres
Flag of the Empire of Cherniv
Emperor of the Empire of Cherniv
Assumed in office
July 30th, 2018
Predecessor Office created
Successor Still in office
Governor of Capital State of Zaratev
Assumed in office
17th December, 2017
Predecessor Office created
Successor Still in office
Personal information
Born 13 July, 20XX
Sonora, Mexico
Residence Zaratev
Religion Catholic

Raul I or Raul Torres (13 July, 20XX - ) is the actual Emperor of the Cherniv, ex-secretary of SEREEX of the Adanesian Kingdom and the founder of the Empire of Cherniv [1]

Micronational life

Imperial family of Cherniv
Coat of Arms of the Empire of Cherniv
  • HIH Raul T.
    HIH Gloria S.
  • HIH Gloria (Cousin)
      • HIH Princess Emma
      • HIH Princess Paula
  • HIH Marisa
  • HIH Raul
  • HIH Adriana
  • HIH Daniela
V · T · E

Raul T. has managed 1 country and 1 territory in the Popular Union of Occitania, He was President of Arizo/Arizoce/Thamopol since 2015 to early 2017, since early 2017 to December 2017 that country was declared defunct.

Raul decided to rest from micronational life and start a new project.

First presidency December 2017 - March 2018

Raul decided to found Cherniv and proclaimed himself as President of Cherniv, during his presidency, Cherniv opened Diplomatic relationships with Nueva Vera-Cruz and El Dorado, a treaty was maked with Hoso but Hoso and Cherniv didn´t signed that treaty. Cherniv organized a Micronations World Cup, Cherniv maked his first soccer league.

Cherniv election was on 6 March, and his grandmother was his rival in the election, his grandmother Gloria G. won Cherniv election and she was elected president of Cherniv

Raul left the presidency on 11 March 2018, giving the Presidential Paper to the Elected President.

Life during Gonzalez Presidency

Raul was the Account Manager of the Cherniv account in Twitter during Gonzalez Presidency, also he worked in Zaratev as the Governor.

He was the Secretary of Foreign Affairs during Gonzalez Presidency.

Second Presidency June - July 2018

Raul was elected president because R.H retired from election and Raul was elected president.

During his presidency there was no important changes during his presidency, but he guided Cherniv to winning 1 Silver Medal and 2 bronze medal on IX Micronational Olympic Games.

On July 29 he presented to the Congress the idea to make Cherniv an Empire, 3 Hours later the Congress aproved the idea.

Cherniv transformed into an Empire on July 30.

Emperor of Cherniv July 2018 -

Raul is the actual emperor of Cherniv, his coronation was on 3 August 2018, declaring him officially as the Emperor, he writted the constitution of Cherniv.


Raul T.S 13 July 20XX - 21 May 2015

His Excellency Raul T.S 21 May 2015 - Early 2017

His Excellency Raul T.S 17 December 2017 - 11 March 2018 and 11 June 2018 - 30 July 2018

H.I.H Emperor of the Empire of Cherniv Raul I 30 July 2018 -





  1. The age of the Emperor isn´t going to be revealed until he has 16 years old