Microvision 2016

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Microvision 2016
'Rino Island 2016'
Final17 June 2016
VenueOlympic Stadium Benedetto Samperi, Rino Island
Presenter(s)Juanita Ringeling and Nicolàs Poblete
Directed byMicronational Broadcasting Union/Rino Island Televisión
Host broadcaster RIBC
Number of entries9
Debuting countries Antares
Flaggyflag.png Occitania
Returning countriesSecond Edition
Non-returning countries Ideas
Voting systemEvery country gives 12, 10, 8, 6, 4 and 2 points.
Winning songFubuki, Hayato Konoe Toyoasihara
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Microvision 2015
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Microvision 2017


Will be the second festival from the U.M.R. (Unión Micronacional de Radiodifusión). In him, the participants give to the other participants points to the songs that they sharing like a representation of they, this will does that a micronation win. Was organized in the forum of UMR.

The contest had to be postponed for two days (from 15 to 17 June) because of technical problems.

Toyoasihara won the competition.


Table key
  Second place
  Third place
  Last place
Draw Country Language Artist Song English translation Place Points
2 Antares Catalan Rosa López Et necesite I need you 2 52
4 Polanda Instrumental Unknown Dolce Vita Dulce Vida 7 10
8 Toyoasihara Instrumental Hayato Konoe Fubuki Snowstorm 1 56
5 Timeria Instrumental Gaius Sergius Primus Vivunt in terra - 4 44
1 Coria Serbian Zeljko Joksimovic Nije ljubav stvar Love is not a thing 5 38
6 Flaggyflag.png Occitania Spanish Mireille Mathieu Arde París Burn Paris 2 52
7 Numancia Spanish Laura González Pero a tu lado But at your side 3 48
9 Rino Island Spanish Yuridia y Yahir El alma en pie The Soul Standing 5 38
3 Lundenwic Ukranian Verka Serduchka Chita Drita - 6 20

Last year entries


Unsuccessful attempts to participate

  • Estuardo Estuardo announced its participation but they have never registered.


  • Ideas has confirmed his participation but it registration was rejected.
  • UEGG will not participate due to time.
  • Valumar will not participate due to inactivity.
  • Vontan will not participate to lack of artistic inspiration


Twelve Points

Number Recipient Voting (s)
2 Flaggyflag.png Occitania Antares & Coria
Antares Numancia & Toyoasihara
Toyoasihara Polanda & Timeria
1 Coria Flaggyflag.png Occitania
Numancia Rino Island
Timeria Vontan

The logo was designed by TV OC. It was elected with 67% of the votes of UMR members.

Total points since the beginning

Draw Country Points
1 Numancia 90
2 Timeria 84
3 Rino Island 82
4 Toyoasihara 56
5 Antares 52
5 Occitania 52
5 Valumar 52
6 UEGG 42
7 Vontan 40
8 Coria 38
9 Ideas 34
10 Lundenwic 20
11 Polanda 10