Benedetto Samperi

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Benedetto Samperi
President of the Republic of Rino Island
Asumed in office
December 15, 2013 – January 15, 2015
Predecessor Vittorio Rino
Successor Tomás Ríos
Presidente of the Great Senate of the Republic of Rino Island
Assumed in office
September 12, 2018 – present
Count of Castaño (Tovaria)
Assumed in office
August 7, 2014 – present
Born Chile
Political party Rinoislandic National Unity Party (2013–present)
Residence Rino Island
Religion Catholic

Benedetto Samperi is a citizen and politician of the Republic of Rino Island. He is currently the President of the Grand Senate of said micronation. He was one of the signers of the Rino Island Declaration of Independence.


In this Spanish name, the first or paternal surname is Samperi, a rare variation of the surname Sampieri. The Samperi its a very ancient family, originally from Castel San Pietro, in Romagna, of which it had the lordship and from which it got its name, spread over the centuries, in different regions of Italy. Passed in Bologna, they were present on the public scene, since the 300 AC, covering numerous judiciary. Ludovico was the first senator of the family, in 1478. Very famous in the science of law was, in the fifteenth century, a Floriano Sampieri, who was a professor in Siena and Ferrara. One of his sisters, Elisabetta, shared the principality of Bologna with his wife Giovanni I Bentivoglio. Allying the Sampieri with this powerful family, they constantly divided their fate and became feared in Bologna where there were conspicuous offices, some of them having been senators several times, and other ambassadors.


He was one of the founders of Rino Island, in 2009, and he actively collaborated with Vittorio Rino in the first activities in the country. In its origins Rino Island was mostly playful and parodic, many of its performances being rather satirical artistic interventions. He participated as one of the creators of the Unity and Progress Party, currently Rinoislandic National Unity Party.

After the so-called Rino Island Civil War of 2013, Samperi and Marco Antonio Rino were essential to recovering the national accounts. Once the digital channels were fully recovered, President Vittorio Rino handed over the government to Samperi, retiring from micronational life momentarily. He commissioned Samperi to adapt Rino Island to digital interaction, and incidentally write a new constitution.


Appointed as interim president at the end of 2013, his tenure was highly outstanding and productive. He managed to establish diplomatic relations with micronations, and fully insert Rino Island the in micronationalism.

Under his mandate the application of Rino Island to the Organization of United Micronations (2009) began. Initially it was rejected but, after corrections, it was fully accepted, already under the next government. He was also the main drafter of the Constitution of Rino Island. Said constitution, promulgated in June 2014, is the one that remains in force on Rino Island to this day, with slight modifications.

Life after Presidency

After his government he was elected senator, and participated in various activities during the next government, mostly symbolic. He was a candidate for the General Secretariat of the Organization of United Micronations in 2015.

Despite repeated requests from citizens, he did not run for president for the 2016 period, when Jair Meza would be elected. Instead, it remained on the sidelines during the serious institutional disorder of 2016-2017. However, after the 2017 National Uprising, led by Marco Antonio Rino and Anastasio López, he decided to collaborate with the reform and re-establishment of Rino Island.

He has since been Chairman of the Provisional Council of State, and since its restoration has been the Chairman of the Grand Senate, the third highest authority on Rino Island.

As such, he has been described as one of the "fathers of micronation", as he is, together with Anastasio López and Marco Antonio Rino, one of the founders of micronation who is still fully active and at the head of the government.