President of Rino Island

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Flag of Rino Island 2021.png President of Rino Island Flag of Rino Island 2021.png
Presidente de la República de Rino Island
Jefe Supremo de la Nación

His Excellency
Marco Antonio Rino

Formation 9 december 2009 (Official)

Term length Two years

Appointed by People of Rino Island

Inaugural holder Vittorio Rino

The President of the Republic of Rino Island, often simply referred to as the President, is the highest political office in Rino Island. The President of the Republic of Rino Island is democratically elected by the people, in periodic elections. He is the Field Marshal.

Once in office, the President governs the State, appoints and removes ministers, governors, ambassadors, and government officials; it can appoint the judge of the Supreme Court, and appoint two senators. He participates in the discussions of the Grand Senate, and can also ratify international treaties by himself.

Since September 9, 2018, the President of the Republic is Marco Antonio Rino, who holds the title of Field Marshal of the Self-Defense Forces, Knight of the Shark Legion in the rank of Grand Master, CEO of the Rino Island Corporation ; and President of the San Vittorio F.C Sports Club, and delegate of the Micronational Red Cross in Rino Island.

Marco Antonio Rino is the nephew of the founder of our Nation, and first President of the Republic, Don Vittorio Rino.

List of Presidents of Rino Island

# Portrait Name Party Took Office Left Office
1 Vittorio Rino.png Vittorio Rino Rinoislandic National Unity Party 9 December 2009 20 December 2013
1 Benedetto Samperi.png Benedetto Samperi Rinoislandic National Unity Party 20 December 2013 15 January 2015
1 Tomás Ríos.png Tomás Ríos Revolutionary Socialist Party 15 January 2015 15 January 2016
1 Jair Meza.png Jair Meza Humanist Alternative 15 January 2015 2 July 2016
1 MyAvatar (1).png Jorge de Antillón Independent 2 July 2016 2 February 2017
1 Tomás Ríos.png Tomás Ríos Rino Island National Revolutionary Party 2 February 2017 14 March 2017
1 Francisco Gomez.png Francisco Gomez Rino Island National Revolutionary Party 14 March 2017 2 May 2017
1 Anastasio López.png Anastasio López Rinoislandic National Unity Party 2 May 2017 10 September 2018
1 Marco Antonio Rino.png Marco Antonio Rino Rinoislandic National Unity Party 10 September 2018 Today

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