National Trade Union Center of Rino Island

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National Trade Union Center of Rino Island
Central Nacional Sindicalista


Founded June 20, 2014
Headquarters Mendoza
General nature Trade Union and peak trade union body, Syndicalist organisation
President Jordan Pereira (RNUP)

The National Trade Union Center of Rino Island (in spanish Central Nacional Sindicalista CNS) is the organization of workers in Rino Island.

As a public-law entity created in june of 2014, after the approval of the constitution, is an important part of the Economic-Social statute in Rino Island, following the trend of the corporatist understanding of labour relations vouching for worker–employer collaboration. In that way integrates itself with the interest of the national comunity. The National Trade Union Center is based on class collaboration, effectively overcoming the marxist teory of perpetual class struggle.[1]

In this organisation, workers and employers bargained equally. The Rinoislandic National Unity Party had replaced the savage capitalism; instead distributism has been applied, and had succeeded in harmonically balancing workers' and employers' interests.

The president of the CNS is a senator in his own right in the Grand Senate. Since 2014 Jordan Pereira has held the position uninterruptedly.

List of Presidents of the National Trade Union Center of Rino Island

# Portrait Name Party Took Office Left Office
1 nigger Steven Reynolds Rinoislandic National Unity Party 20 June 2014 Still in office

  1. Partido de la Unidad Nacional Rinoislandés