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Rino Island has been the subject of coverage in various media, at least since the government of Marco Antonio Rino. They have included press from various countries and languages, generally from Latin America, Spain, Germany and Italy.

Media coverage

International media have been interested in the micronation. The Republic of Rino Island has been repeatedly highlighted in the mass media for supporting the [[w:State_of_Palestine State of Palestine], the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic, and the restoration of Spain's sovereignty over|Gibraltar].[1][2]

Media outlets from Spain,[3][4] Italy,[5] Chile,[6] Argentina,[7] Mexico[2] and Germany,[8] among others, have highlighted the fact that the Republic of Rino Island claims the phantom islands of the Pacific Ocean, highlighting it as one of the largest and most active micronations in Latin America.[2][9] It has been claimed that Rino Island has a troubled political history, yet it is more stable than Bolivia.[2]

Bürgin swiss writer and former journalist for Basler Zeitung Medien and as editor in chief of Baslerstab, included Rino Island in his book on mysteries, "Geheimnisse der Matrix" (2021), in his exposition about the history of Podesta Island and other phantom islands.[8]

In 2022 the Republic of Rino Island was included in the book "Le isole dei sogni impossibili" of the renowned Italian journalist Riccardo Bottazzo, specialized in marine issues. The book includes stories of micronations, indigenous peoples, and stories of individuals. After this the Minister Arturo Loretti was interviewed extensively by the press in Iquique, Chile.[10]


In February 2022, Chile's Portal Patriota YouTube channel made a video about Rino Island, achieving 100,000 views in a few days. Much of the commentary attacked Rino Island and its authorities, falsely accusing them of claiming Chilean territory, which has created a conspiracy theory of the extreme right in Chile, against Rino Island.[9]


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