Carlos Sancho Santana

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Carlos Sancho Santana
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Governor of the Overseas Territory of the Village of Pedro
Asumed office
2017 - Now
Predecessor Jorge Flores
Successor In office
Born Flag of Spain.png Spain
Political party Rinoislandic National Unity Party (2017-now)
Religion Catholic

Carlos Sancho Santana is the governor of Pedro's Overseas Territory. He entered Rino Island as Tomás Ríos' minister of internal affairs, and was soon appointed as a representative to the Organization of United Micronations, since 2015 until 2019. During his ministry under Tomás Ríos, he had to coordinate efforts against the 2015 coup attempt, after which he resigned from the government. He became part of the opposition to Tomás Ríos, and supported Alejandro Santander in the 2016 presidential election.

Then he was made official as governor of the then Province of Pedro, by Anastasio López. Since 2019 it has been transformed into the Overseas Territory of the Aldea de Pedro, with Carlos Sancho Santana at the helm.