Pedro's Neighborhood Assembly

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Pedro's Neighborhood Assembly
Asamblea de Vecinos de Pedro
GovernatorCarlos Sancho Santana
Political groups     Rinoislandic National Unity Party (4)
Voting systemBallot Voting
Last election2020

The Pedro Neighborhood Assembly is the legislative body of the Overseas Territory of the Village of Pedro (Rino Island). Founded in 2018, it is an autonomous legislative body with the power to dictate rules common to the overseas territory. Its internal norms cannot be contrary to the Constitution or Rino Island national laws. Its president since 2019 is Carlos Sancho Santana.

Originally it was formed by the "Heads of Family", which in practice meant that all citizens participated in the Assembly. Since 2019, it has been made up of 4 members elected democratically and by the governor of the territory, who is president of the assembly. Currently all members belong to the Rinoislandic National Unity Party.

Corresponds to the Assembly of Neighbors:

a) Elaborate, on its own initiative or at the proposal of the Governor, legal norms applicable to the territorial scope, approved by a majority of votes, as a complement and development of the Laws of the Republic of Rino Island. The sanction of those will correspond to the Governor, on behalf of the President of the Republic of Rino Island.

b) Approve the general budget for income and expenses prepared by the Neighborhood Assembly.

c) Request, by majority vote, modifications to current legislation of Rino Island.