National Unity Party (Rinoislandic)

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National Unity Party
PresidentAnastasio López
First secretaryLuis Muñoz
Deliberative democracy
State capitalism
Political positionCentrism
National affiliationNational unity government
International affiliationN/A
Slogan" Unidad y Progreso"

The Rinoislandic National Unity Party (in spanish, Partido de la Unidad Nacional Rinoislandés) is the main political party on Rino Island, currently in power under the President of the Republic Mr. Anastasio López. It was founded in 2012 by the country's first president, Mr. Vittorio Rino, with the name of Unity and Progress Party, adopting its current name at its ideological congress in 2017. The Law that regulates it defines it as the "political expression of the Nation".


It was founded in 2012 by then-president Vittorio Rino, under the name of "Unity and Progress Party" with a national program whose objective was autonomous national progress and development. He did not propose micronationalism, but rather a combination of state simulation and derivatism. As such, it was the ruling party until 2015, with Vittorio Rino being its first president under that name. In the elections of May 12, 2013, the Unión y Progreso party obtained a resounding victory.

Benedetto Samperi assumed the provisional presidency by mandate of Rino in December 2013, at that time becoming the new party president. In the 2014 presidential election, he supported candidate Luis Muñoz, Samperi's defense and foreign affairs minister, who would be defeated by Tomás Ríos.

During Tomás Ríos's conflict with the self-proclaimed Kingdom of Plunok, in 2015, the formation of a "Patriotic Alliance" was ordered to bring together all the parties. This included Unidad y Progreso, which has since changed its name to the National Unity Party, upon merging with the Rinoisland Nationalist Party.

Although its candidate Alejandro Santander was defeated in the 2015 elections, where Jair Meza would triumph, the national movement began great works of intellectual preparation. Anastasio López assumed the leadership of the party, and wrote the book "National Objectives of Rino Island". There for the first time it was established that Rino Island would become a realistic, participatory democratic micronation, with a defense of its Hispanic and Catholic tradition.

In 2017, after the Tomás Ríos coup, the party were totally opposite to the new regime. Anastasio López and Marco Antonio Rino would overthrow the dictatorship of Francisco Gomez, initiating on May 2, 2017 the government of the National Movement of the Rinoislandic National Unity Party. Since then, an ideological congress has been held each year, the first one being 2017, where the ideology, name and authorities were confirmed.


The National Unity Party it is a party at the center of the political spectrum. In terms of ideology, the party is essentially nationalist and anti-chauvinist, Roman Catholic, anti-imperialist, and supports deliberative democracy as a system of government. We reject Trotskyism, fascism and other totalitarian ideologies, as they are contrary to the Christian conception of the human being, and to its very essence.

The main ideologue of our party is Don Anastasio López, who likes to describe it amiably as "an elegant and solid combination of the Catholic tradition, anti-imperialism, a touch of providential history, a couple of good red wines and classic political philosophy."

The party's economic position supports both domestic Catholic distributism and state capitalism when it comes to foreign trade. The party has also expressed its support for the consumption of beer with chorrillanas and the cooperation of Hispanic countries, along with Mao theory of the three worlds.

Electoral performance

Great Senate Of Rino Island

Election Number of seats +/-
Rino Island legislative election, September 2021
10 / 10
Rino Island legislative election, September 2020
10 / 10
Rino Island legislative election, September 2019
10 / 10
Rino Island State Council Organic Election, July 2018
10 / 10
Rino Island legislative election, March 2017
0 / 50
Rino Island legislative election, January 2016
3 / 10
Rino Island legislative election, January 2015
5 / 10
Rino Island legislative election, May 2013
9 / 10
Rino Island legislative election, May 2012
10 / 10
Rino Island legislative election, May 2011
10 / 10
Rino Island legislative election, May 2010
10 / 10

Elections of the President of the National Trade Union Center of Rino Island (2020)

Place Name Party # of Votes Percentage
1 Jordan Pereira Rinoislandic National Unity Party 14 83,5%
2 Arturo Loretti Social Christian Party of Rino Island 3 17,5%

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