United Socialist States of Persico

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United Socialist States of Persico
Persico-Flag.jpg Official FlagLogo Pres 2.PNG Official Emblem of the Presidency

God Bless us
Map of Cades.JPG
Mapa oficial de Persico
Capital city Ciudad Distrito
Largest city Ciudad Distrito
Official language(s) SPANGLISH
Official religion(s) Latter Day-Saints
Short name Persico
Demonym Persa (s)
- President Gamaliel Rodriguez
- Fundator Gamaliel Rodriguez
Legislature Parliament
Established February 7, 2006 (Independece April 2, 2015)
Area claimed 552,255 km²
Population 29 (censo 2015)
Currency Tokens
Time zone (GTM-06)
National animal Halcon
Member Organizations OMUUM de Belia

Official Website of the Government in Spanish
Radio Station Online

The United Socialist States of Persico is a micronation founded on (February 2006), visit us MicroWiki on Spanish Estados Unidos Socialistas de Persico


Formerly known as FrancoCanada, Persico is now an official and sovereign micronation, believer of a prosperous welfare, with firm ideals with democratic socialism, the way of electing the President, is three years, ie every 3 years, enjoy equality, and a wide range of culture, tend to see the capitalists as immoral and corrupt. Actually The United Socialist States of Persico Are a Co-Founders of the United Micronations (2015)


Our history goes back to the distant February 7, 2006, it founded originally as The United States of Gamaland, this micronation was maintained until the day of February 2012, before being named as the Confederate States of France and Canada (FrancoCanada), and the same 7 February 2015 order to change the name was given and was officially established as the Socialist United States of Persico.

On February 7, 2006, was founded Gamaland, this micronation really had a very low impact, since by then Gamaliel was 11 and his activity was until 2008, and having a period of four years inactive, and staying in a imaginary plane.

And in 2012 established as FrancoCanada, the micronation takes a different face to that of Gamaland, since they had a clearer ideal, government takes a course and high hopes forgaban within the nation.

Currently Persico and a forged ideal and practically with a president who had the power of the longest government in the history of the nation (10 years), Persico is sinduda a micronation with great ideals, and a story with internal rivalries, with some citizens who wanted to overthrow the government and win the nation, certainly this nation has had ups and downs understanding by citizens.

But the course that has taken the government to Gamaliel with Persico been molded that those old ilutions citizens more stable and prosperous path and it is the same people who recognized him.

An important event for the nation's cyberwarfare that was held in 2015 with a nation of NationStates (a simulator of virtual Nations) micronation name Republic of Brasilistan maintained a war with the Persian Government, the war for reasons of differences produgo ideological and political, this event took place on April 2 of that year, from then on Persico I achieved a technological and scientific progress, thereby consummating its independence as a micronation, in memory of the victory obtained against Brasilistan the government appointed a city with that first name.

Currently Gamaliel decided to rename Persico this Monday March 28 begins the new socialist history Persian, this event was given by government cuetiones, what really happened, is to consolidate a firm micronation, only because names cities, characters in notes, are inspired by the "Book of Mormon" and remember that is the national religion.


Official ID-Card of Persico

The form of government in Persico, is a democratic socialist ideal, with a President and Founder, their choices for president are every 3 years.

Law & Order

The order is directed by the government creating a police and military organ, the police has the mission to protect us from thieves, robbers, rapists, etc and military handles national model.

Foreign Affairs

Official Passport of Persico

To have diplomatic relations with Persico is important to visit the official website of the SEREX Secretaria de Relaciones Exteriores


Military Flag. National Army

Our army has the following missions: (taken from the constitution)

ARTICLE 15. The Army or Navy has an obligation to protect our territory and safeguard the lives of citizens.

ARTICLE 16. They are also the agency costs and protect the life of the Founder and President of Persico.

Article 17. The military should only act in emergencies such as earthquakes, hurricanes, wars and terrorist threats.

ARTICLE 18. Only act with permission founder and President.

ARTICLE 19. The Army worked with the (Space Agency) in order to achieve mutual objectives in military weapons and the creation of aircraft and jetts.

Military Flag. Naval Force
Military Flag. Air Force

Geography y climate

Photo of the District City,take of in the Central Office of the Persico, in the Mexico City.

The geographical area of Persico, located in the region of Tecozautla Hidalgo and Mexico City, cuentacon a warm climate, and in rainy times PSRA City District, in summer the average temperature is 70 ° C and in winter the temperature drops.


Official Logo of National Bank of Persico.

The Monclovian economy, is regulated by the National Bank and who prints tickets within the nation, also has a bank account, by the founder at a bank in Mexico, with a balance of approximately $ 7.822 pesos Mx.


Currently the Government of Persico considers Tecozautla and Mexico City as Cultural Heritage and Sports micronation.


Digital and mass media are managed by the government body of Persico IFETI (Instituto Federal de Telecomunicaciones e Internet),this body provide the government an internet radio station called Radio Cornish, also along with esfurzos IFECYT (Instituto Federal de Ciencia y Tecnologia), in the manufacture of wireless extensions Coneccion for WIFI, and thanks to this Persico has access points free internet, all computer is regulated by the ASC (Agencia de Seguridad Computacional).

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If you like to get your citizenship do not forget to apply at our official website, or just visit our website for more information. WEB OFICIAL


We leave a number of official links the micronation, so you stay informed about events and / or events in Persico.