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United Socialist States of Pérsico
Pérsico.mx.png National FlagSeptimoSello.png The Seventh Seal

Gud Bless Us (Español: Dios nos Bendiga)
Qué el Destino de Pérsico Lleve
Mapa ubicacion persico.png
In Blue the Real Ubication of The United Socialist States of Pérsico.
Capital cityCyberCity
Largest cityCyberCity
Official language(s)Spanish
Short namePérsico
DemonymSocialist (s)
- Vice-PresidentJesus Rodriguez Arellano
- PresidentYolanda E. Boero García
- General SecretaryGamaliel Rodríguez
LegislatureThe Capitol
Area claimedCDMX
Population8.851 millones (as of 2010 census)
Time zone(UTC)
National sportTable Soccer
National animalHawks
Member of the Micronational Broadcasting Union, FIIFA, Microlympic Committee.


Officially The United Socialist States of Pérsico abbreviated as PMX and Wel Know as Pérsico Are a Micronation located in The Capital of Mexico is considered as a CyberState with Socialist ideology, composed of a Capital City which is the Mexico City called CyberCity and 3 Micronational States which are Federative State of Brasilistán the Federative State of France & Canada Commonly as Francocanada. and the Ultramarine Federative State of Svalbard. Currently it is annexed to Pérsico a Micronation more named Socialist Republic of Veland.


The United Socialist States of Pérsico are an official and sovereign micronation, believer in a prosperous well-being, with firm ideals, with a Socialism, its way of electing the Presidency, it is in a Triennium, that is to say every 3 years, they enjoy an equality, and a wide range of culture, tend to see the Capitalists as something immoral and corrupt. Pérsico are Co-Founders of the 'United Micronations (2015).'

Besides the United Micronations (2015). Pérsico are members of other Micronational Organizations among which are the Micronational Union of Broadcasting (UMB), and the International Microlympic Committee. A curious fact is that this Micronacion announces through its social networks that they officially withdrew from another Organization called Union of Popular Nations UNP.


The first Micronational emblem of Pérsico, emblem presented by the Micronacion de Smyrna, this emblem was based on the current one.

Pérsico they were officially created to be the official headquarters of the Comic created by Gamaliel Rodriguez called CyberSurfer which later would have its adaptation in Mexican version.

After the publication of this comic, it is decided to formally create the micronation as a more formal project in terms of a Cybernetics Government, after being contacted by a Micronacion named Micronational State of La Nueva Vera-cruz, and after this formal start is given to the Micronation Project. Having his first appearance in the Platform of NationStates, a Simulator of Virtual Nations.

An important event for the nation is the Cybernetic War that was held in 2015 with a nation of NationStates (a simulator of virtual nations) the Micronation named Republica of Brasilistan maintained a War with the Federal Government, the war took place due to ideological and political differences, this event took place on April 2 of that year, from then on Socialist States achieved a technological and scientific advance, for consummate its independence as a micronation, in memory of the triumph obtained against Brasilistan, the Government named a city with that name.


The form of Government of Pérsico, is an ideal SocialDemocracy, with a Presidency and a Founder, its elections for president are every 3 years. The Federal Government, is currently made up of 12 Secretaries that form Officially The Cabinet of the First Presidency, besides the Government includes the so-called Micronational Commissions, which are focused on the development of Welfare in Micronation and at the Micronational level, in addition to being 100% focused in its Area of ​​work.

National Security

Official emblem of the Federal Police of the Secretariat of National Security & Defence.

The internal order of this micronation is in charge of the Secretariat of National Security, this is an official Subarea of ​​the Socialist Federation of Airsoft that through the Federal Police is in charge of controlling the security of the Micronacion. The Federal Police is trained every six months by the SOFA.


Passport of Pérsico.

The SEFOR is the Secretary in charge of the Intermicronational Diplomacy of Pérsico, besides having the power to issue the Passports in said Micronation. Currently the SEFOR is part of The Cabinet of the First Presidency.

Airsoft Forces

Pérsico they currently have an Airsoft Club in the MilSim Modality, which is based in Mexico City. This club simulates in its games called Missions, this in the Airsoft is a game where players dress like military and through Replicas or Markers impact the opponent.

It is worth mentioning that the Name Club Socialist Federation of Airsoft abbreviated commonly as SOFA, performs its games eventually three or four times a year.

Geography and climate

The geographical area of ​​Pérsico, located in the Region of Tecozautla Hidalgo and Mexico City, has a warm climate, and sometimes rainy for CyberCity in summer the average temperature is 70°C and in winter the temperature drops.


Coin of one Socialist Token, minted in silver. (frontal)

The Socialist economy, is regulated by the Secretary of the Treasury The economy of Micronacion is one of the strongest and solidad since apartir of the year 2015 stopped expanding tickets to begin with the coining of your silver-based coin, since this precious metal is not devalued and that is why persico is a power in this area.

Sport & Culture

Official Emblem of Pérsico Football Association

The Secretary of Sport & Culture is the secretary responsible for regulating the sport and the cultural development of said micronation, it should be mentioned that the micronation has a Football Club, is based in Mexico City and it is called Pérsico FC besides it is currently the Association that governs that sport in the Micronacion. Likewise the Federal Government considers Tecozautla and Mexico City as Cultural Patrimony and sports of Micronacion.


The digital and mass media are managed by the Federal Government Organization through the Secretariat of Dissemination, this body provided the Government with an Internet radio station called Radio Pérsico also together Efforts with the Secretariat of Science and Technology, in the elaboration of extensions of wireless connection for WIFI, and thanks to Federals Govenment has free internet access points, all the information is regulated by the Secretariat of Defense and through the National Commission of Cybernetic Security and Intelligence. NCSI.

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