Hinata Owners Association

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Hinata Owners Association
File:Logo HOA.svg
FormationSummer III
TypeEmployers association
PresidentMasahiro Cheng
Parent organizationLinks to LDP and LRC

The Hinata Owners Association (日南田所有者会, Hinata Shoyuu-sha Kai in japanese) is a business owners association and lobby in Hinata.



The President of the association is elected by majority of the assembly (2 members of 3 members). The President is just a legal and political figure; the authority is of the association assembly. The assembly decides all of the association.

Political parties and factions


Photo Area Term start Term end President
File:Logo HOA.png Services 30 Summer III 1 Fall III Masahiro Cheng
File:Logo HOA.png Raw materials 1 Fall III In office Darcian Regis


1st Assembly (Year III-VII)

Member Area Time in office
Darcian Regis Raw materials 12/S/III-in office
Goran Ishijima Manufacturing 13/S/III-in office
Masahiro Cheng Services 13/S/III-in office