Hinata Owners Association

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Hinata Owners Association
FormationSummer III
TypeEmployers association
PresidentMasahiro Cheng
Parent organizationLinks to LDP and LRC

The Hinata Owners Association (日南田所有者会, Hinata Shoyuu-sha Kai in japanese) is a business owners association and lobby in Hinata.



The President of the association is elected by majority of the assembly (2 members of 3 members). The President is just a legal and political figure; the authority is of the association assembly. The assembly decides all of the association.

Political parties and factions


Photo Area Term start Term end President
Logo HOA.png Services 30 Summer III 1 Fall III Masahiro Cheng
Logo HOA.png Raw materials 1 Fall III In office Darcian Regis


1st Assembly (Year III-VII)

Member Area Time in office
Darcian Regis Raw materials 12/S/III-in office
Goran Ishijima Manufacturing 13/S/III-in office
Masahiro Cheng Services 13/S/III-in office