Hinata Island Music Festival 2019

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Hinata Island Music Festival 2019
FinalSeptember 28, 2019
Venue Chûô
Directed byEric Nakajima
Host broadcasterHinata Broadcasting
Number of entries4
Voting systemEvery member of the jury (3) gives 3, 2 and 1 points and the public gives 1 point to his favorite song.
Winning songLiberation - Mai Fuchigami
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The Hinata Island Music Festival 2019 (Japanese: 第一回ひなた島音楽祭, Dai ikkai Hinata-shima Ongakusai) was the first edition of the Hinata Island Music Festival. The contest was held 28 Septmber 2019. In this contest, the candidate to Microvision 2019 was choosen. The winner song was "Liberation" of Mai Fuchigami.

Table key
  Second place
  Third place
  Last place
Artist Song Language(s) English translation Place Points
Bed In CO・CO・RO グラデーション Japanese Heart Graduation 3 8
Yumiko Matsuura 聴かせて・・・ Japanese Let me hear... 4 7
Hiroshi Takeshima 恋町カウンター Japanese Love city counter 2 12
Mai Fuchigami リベラシオン Japanese Liberation 1 14


Microvision Song Festival

The winner song, Mai Fuchigami's "Liberation" was presented as Hinata's song in the Microvision 2019 and in the votings the song winned the second place in the contest.

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