Federation of Darta

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Federal.PNG Symbol of the Federation of Darta.

Bandera Darta.PNG

Flag of the Federation of Darta (current Republic of Darta).

Federation of Darta

Founding day 15 August 2014
Disappearance: 16 June 2019 (Province of Darta at the Republic of Wikonga)
Religion: Catholic
Languages: Spanish and French
Population 7
Government Federal Republic
Territory: Not calculated
email: gobiernodedarta@gmail.com
Web page: Official Web(Spanish)
Twitter Darta_Gob


The Federation of Darta was a micronation ruled by the Rug (Head of Government) Miguel Alonso. It was officially a Federation, located in the northern border between Spain and France, in the region of Aragon. It claimed territories in Spain and France (official languages: Spanish and French). The nation was founded the 15 August 2014. Nowadays, the Federation of Darta does exist under the name of the "Republic of Darta".


The Federation of Darta was founded in order to allow the children to be free from the adult's decisions. Every single citizen of the Federation is less than 18. From the years 2014 until 2018, Darta has been a nation without contact with the rest of the world. In 2018, a Twitter page was created and the Federation opened its borders to the internationals relations.

Darta has been, before the year 2018 an Empire, a Republic, a religious organisation...In general, there was not a stable system. In 2018, an emergency situation was claimed by the Rug Miguel Alonso, and all the institutions, and the territorial organisation suffered a deep change.

On May 2019, the Prime Minister Alonso accepted to start some negotiations about the creation of the Kingdom of Wikonga and Principality of Darta, with the nation of the Republic of Wikonga (a nation which signed the Treaty of Marseille, creating a good relationship between both governments). Those negotiations stopped under the call of the Wikongueses.

Later, the 16th of June 2019, the Federation of Darta became a semiautonomous Province of the Republic of Wikonga. The government and the system changed within Darta, in order to create a new territory within Wikonga.

On August 9th 2019 the Treaty of Vacans is signed by the provincial government and the national government of the Republic of Wikonga, officially creating the "Free Associated State of the Repiblic of Darta". Darta regained its independence and sovereignty with an important connection with Wikonga.

Geography and culture

Darta was a Federation because it contained multiple territories in different locations of northern Spain and southern France, each territory was called "Catrenal". The government could not provide the exact locations of those "Catrenales", but, for the other micronations to know, most of them were in the city of Zaragoza (Aragón, Spain), and Villanúa (Aragón, Spain).

Darta's culture is very special, as the Federation (the ancient Empire and the current Province) used to have (during the disorganized years) its own religion (the Kuhiism*), its own language and alphabet (Vacuno) and its own fighting-festivals. The National day is the 15 August, as it is the day when the Vacunos* (first religion in Darta) built the nation to fight against the neighbors in Villanúa, in the battle of "Las Flores". Now, there is not much left about the ancient culture, as the actual government abolished every Kuhiit activity (at least in official acts).

The Vacuno and the Kuhiist religious movements believed that the cows were holy. It was a polytheist ideology, now extinct because of the arrival of the Catholic ideas un the Dartan region.