Confederate States of Occitania

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Etats confédérés d'Occitanie
Confederate States of Occitania
Flag of Confederate States of Occitania
Coat of arms of Confederate States of Occitania
Coat of arms
Motto: Volem viure al Pais!
We want to live in our country! (English)
Anthem: Te deum
Official languagesFrench, Spanish (de jure)
Occitan (de facto)
GovernmentConfederal republic
• President
Babou Chkaya
Establishment7 June 2015
• Estimate
CurrencyNone (de jure)
Euro (de facto)
Date formatdd-mm-yyyy


The Confederate States of Occitania was founded the on the 7th June, 2015. Following the creation of the micronation, a military council took control of the Confederation, with absolute authority. Later that month, on 27 June 2015, the council appointed Didier Montaudran as the President of Occitania, and worked with him to rewrite the constitution and put democratic reforms into place.

On the 20th July, 2015, after the Russian ruble (to which Occitania's own currency, also known as the ruble) was tied, President Montaudran removed the Ministers of Customs and Finances from office, ended use of the Occitan ruble and dissolved the central bank. Since then, the Occitan government has been seeking a micronation with which to form a currency union.

On the 6th August, 2015, the President Chkaya created a new Central Bank: Credit Occitan

The September 15 and 16, the country was shaken by a communist revolution and regime change. It's the end of the confederation.


The confederation is divided into four oblasts: Nassau Oblast, Transvaal Oblast, Romanov-Aragon 0blast and Oranje Oblast.


French and Spanish are the officials languages of the Confederation. Four other languages (English,Russian, Hebrew and Dutch) are also officially recognised by the country. The Occitan language has no official status, but is frequently used in Occitania.

Foreign Affairs

International organizations

Formal diplomatic relations

The Confederation recognizes:

Occitan does not recognize:

List of Presidents of the Confederate States of Occitania

Name Term of office Party
Babou Chkaya 07/06/2015 - 27/06/2015 None
Didier Montaudran 27/06/2015 - 26/07/2015 Gauche Occitane / Liste du Midi
Babou Chkaya 26/07/2015 - 15/09/2015 Front Patriotique


Name Date Notes
New Year 1 January Nonworking day
Yom HaShoah April Moment of silence ( Working Day )
International Workers' Day 1 May Nonworking day
Eurovision Song Contest May Nonworking day
National Day 7 June Nonworking day
Oradour's day 10 June Moment of silence ( Working Day )
Albigensian's day 1 August Moment of silence ( Working Day )
Day of the Catalan brothers 11 September Nonworking day