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—  Department of Anketlər  —
Country Nedlando-Khorașan
Constituent country Nedland
Vəlāyat Anketlər
Created 18 June 2015
Founder Keenan Clough
Capital None
 - Beg Keenan Clough
Population (14 August 2017)
 - Total 1
Demonym Valkadian

Valkadia is a department of Nedlando-Khorasan. It claims Keenan Clough's house in Blackpool, UK. It is primarily run as a commune based on a socialist-anarchist basis locally.


The name Valkadia has no official meaning. Along with the proposed name of the Capital City, Valkagrad. Although has been inspired by "Valkadia", with the suffix "grad" (city).


The ideas for the Republic of Valkadia have been around since early 2014, but it has only been recently the idea has come into view. When Liberland claimed land in the Danube region and became 'famous' for a time with media constantly talking about it, it gave the creators inspiration to continue working on the Republic of Valkadia. So soon with further work and research President Clough found the Island of Šarengrad which was at the time to the normal person part of Croatia. But, when President Clough researched more he found it was illegitimate for Croatia or Serbia to control the Island. Thus making it Terra Nullius, then on the 18th of June 2015, the Republic of Valkadia was truly born and claimed the Island of Šarengrad along with the home property of the President.