Mikael Bokmann

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Mikael I
Sebastokrator of the Grémmians

An individual alleged to be Bokmann
1st Sebastokrator of the Grémmians
Reign 21 January 2017 - Present
Predecessor Throne Established
1st Emperor of Grémmia
Reign 8 January 2016 - 21 January 2017 (378 days)
Coronation 8 January 2016
Predecessor Throne established
Successor Throne abolished
Duke of Dolonia
In office 12 July 2016 - present
Predecessor Office established
Speaker of the Chamber of Delegates
In office 4 November 2016 - present
Predecessor Ned Gunderson
Successor Incumbent
Riksminister (interim)
In office 31 July 2016 - 9 December 2016 (132 days)
Predecessor Office established
Successor Stephen Freayth
House House of Bokmann
Born 1 January 1998 (age 19)
Moscow, Idaho, United States

Mikael I (Mikael Bokmann; born 1 January 1998), also known by his older alias Michael Ònff, is the Sebastokrator of the Grémmians, having been granted the title by Patrick I of Paravia. Mikael currently represents Grémmia in the Chamber of Delegates of Paravia and serves as the chamber's speaker. Mikael is also recognized as Duke of Dolonia in the Abeldane Empire.

Titles and Honours

Mikael has not adopted any pre-nominal letters in Paravia and so is simply known as Mikael I, Sebastokrator of the Grémmians. In the Paravian Chamber of Delegates, all delegates (including the Emperor of Paravia himself) have traditionally put aside more complex styles and honorifics in favor of the style The Honourable as a symbol of equality of the states represented, though this has never been codified in any by-laws. In Abelden, monarchs of foreign subnational entities are not allowed to use foreign titles, and so is known as His Grace, Mikael Bokmann, Duke of Dolonia.

Arms as Sebastokrator of the Grémmians


Government offices

Listed below are the current offices which Mikael I holds.

Formerly held

Held in error