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Riksminister of Paravia
Mikael Bokmann

since 4 December 2017
Term lengthAt His Imperial Majesty's pleasure
Inaugural holderStephen Freayth
Mikael Bokmann(interim)
Formation31 July 2016
09 December 2016[1]
Salary$0.001 per week

The Riksminister is the head of government of the Empire of Paravia. The Riksminister reports to the Emperor, who is the head of state and constitutional monarch. The Riksminister is elected by fellow members of the Chamber of Delegates, and appoints ministers to carry out the tasks of government. Although the Riksting has an upper house, the Imperial Council, the Council's High Chancellor is traditionally less involved in federal politics.

The current Riksminister is Mikael Bokmann, who was elected on 4 December 2017, filling the vacancy left when the previous government, led by Stephen Freayth, was dissolved by Imperial decree on 2 November 2017.

List of Riksministers

No. Portrait Name
Term of office

Political party Monarch
1 SvF.jpg His Excellency
Stephen Freayth
Tsar of Viselander
MP for
9 December
2 November
N/A Patrick I
Photo of Patrick 1.jpg
2 Arms zxcvg.png His Excellency
Mikael Bokmann
Sebastokrator of the Grémmians
MP for
4 December
Incumbent N/A Patrick I
Photo of Patrick 1.jpg


  1. Mikael Bokmann was appointed as interim Riksminister on the 31 July 2016 and served until Stephen Freayth was elected as Riksminister on the 09 December 2016.