Prince Imperial (Paravia)

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Monarchical styles of
The Prince Imperial of Paravia

Coat of arms of the Prince Imperial

Reference style His Imperial Highness
Spoken style Your Imperial Highness
Alternative style Your Excellency

The title Prince Imperial of Paravia (alternatively Princess Imperial) is borne by the heir to the throne of the Empire of Paravia. The title is accompanied by the style Imperial Highness. By tradition and precedent there may only be 1 Prince or Princess Imperial at any given time, with the current bearer of the title being the Emperor's younger brother and heir, Prince Nicholas. The title Prince Imperial was adopted as the title of the Paravian heir by Imperial decree on 6 August 2015. Previously, the title borne by the heir had been Crown Prince. In history, A number of states have used the title prince imperial for for heirs, these included the Second French Empire and the Empire of Brazil.