Non-Territorial Kingdom of Hoppalobindia

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Non-Territorial Kingdom of Hoppalobindia
Coat of Arms
Coat of arms
Motto: Long live the King!
Anthem: none
CapitalNyros (de facto)
Largest cityNyros (de facto)
Official languagesEnglish, Norwegian
GovernmentAbsolute monarchy
• King
Patrick I
• Prime Minister
Ned Gunderson
Establishment11th August 2015.
• Census
CurrencyNorwegian kroner (de facto), Reni (de jure)

The Non-Territorial Kingdom of Hoppalobindia more commonly known as simply Hoppalobindia (not to be confused with the Kingdom of Hoppalobindia, the original incarnation of the nation) is a non-territorial micronation founded in August 2015 as a "titular state" by Emperor Patrick I of Paravia (the founder of the original incarnation of the nation in 2008).

Hoppalobindia claims no territory and is purely symbolic. The nation is in personal union with the Empire of Paravia, both being ruled by the Paravian Emperor from the city of Nyros.


The government of Hoppalobindia officially only consists of the King, him being the only citizen of the nation. However, in practice the nations legislating is done by the Imprial Council of Paravia. Though legislation doesn't have any affect on Hoppalobindia being only a nation that exists on paper.


Because of the nature of Hoppalobindia as a non-territorial state with only 1 official citizen there is not much of a political structure to speak of. All decisions concerning Hoppalobindia are taken by the Paravian government, making any attempt to create a political structure in Hoppalobindia redundant.


Dimple act and foreign relations are tightly intertwined with those of Paravia, the Emperor-King holding all diplomatic powers within both nations. Because of this Hoppalobindia conducts foreign diplomacy under the banner of Paravia.


Hoppalobindia has 2 official state symbols. One being the flag, the other the coat of arms.


The flag of Hoppalobindia is named the Four crown flag after the four crowns it depicts. The flag is the only surviving artifact from the original incarnation of Hoppalobindia, created so time in 2008. The symbolism is unknown (and there is a high chance that the original design had no symbolism acosiated with it). The flag served as the unofficial flag of the original Hoppalobindia along with a number of other flags, all Of which have been lost.