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Imperial Order of the Riksguard
Emblem of the Riksguard
Awarded by Patrick I
Established2 August 2016
Grand CommanderSer Mike Lewis
First induction2 August 2016

The Imperial Order of the Riksguard, most commonly referred to simply as the Riksguard and the Imperial Guard, is a military unit, and the highest Chivalric and military order within the Empire of Paravia, and is ceremonially tasked with guarding the incumbent emperor. It was founded on August 2, 2016. The Riksguard is technically a part of the Paravian Imperial Armed Forces, as the guard of the emperor and successor to the Paravian Imperial Guard. A knight of the Riksguard carries the title of Ser, which is equivalent to the macronational title of Sir, with the only difference being the spelling.


On August 1 Emperor Patrick Renwick began to plan Reforming the Paravian Imperial Guard, which up until that point had only been a "name on paper". The emperor planned for the Riksguard to take the place of the Imperial Guard. On August 2, the Riksguard was announced in the Chamber of Delegates, and became official that same day.



Grand Commander

Name Primary Nation Date of Receiving
Ser Mike Lewis  Imperial Grand Duchy of Lundenwic 2 August 2016


Name Primary Nation Date of Receiving
Ser Ned Gunderson  Empire of Paravia 2 August 2016
Ser Stephen Freayth  Abeldane Empire 2 August 2016